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What do you consider 'normal' 2-3 year old behaviour Lock Rss

Hey girls i was just wondering what you consider normal like behavioral wise thanks
What are some of your issues? Every toddler is different, there is no real 'normal'.
No such issues just curious what goes on in 2-3 year old like sharing listing goingg out to dinner etc
Whoops listening
Well every child is different. My almost 2 year old has days where he will do everything you ask of him, he will want to share, help tidy up, be very affectionate and even be excited to go to bed at the end of the day.
Then other days he can be a real handful, hitting, throwing things, ignoring me and my partner, refusing food, bashing his head on the floor, dropping to the ground when we go out to the supermarket or worse, running away. I think he may get some of it from watching the other kids at his day care.
Your child may not act like this and lucky you if he doesn't. Good luck.
You may find these articles helpful (I know I did when I read them a couple of years back).

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