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WE DID IT!!! Rss

I don't know why I feel so proud about this but I don't mind gloating.
My partner and I managed to get our toddler off the dummy AND bottles AND into a 'big boy bed' all in a week, before he was even 2. It doesn't sound like much of an accomplishment to some people but my boy goes to daycare and there are a few kids there who still use dummies/bottles and sleep in a cot.
We really wanted to get him into a single bed since he is having a little sister in January and we didn't want him to have to go from sleeping in the cot one night to having his sister in it the next night. We didn't want the resentment or for him to have the feeling that "the new baby is taking all my stuff". He switched to a single bed in November and was so proud that for the first week or 2, whenever we had visitors over he dragged them to his room to show it off. We only just set the cot back up in the nursery and he still points to it and says its his bed but we have the room blocked off so he cant go in. We correct him and say that it's Emily's bed now and he can have it back when he's older. (Has kids of his own)
He ditched the dummy and bottle a few days before swapping beds for a similar reason. We didn't want him to resent bub for having these things and not him. It was important for us to do this before bub was born. We spoke to our son's daycarer and she agreed and said she would support us 100% and has been fantastic about it all, not giving in especially when there were other kids using the items he could no longer have.
Our next hurdle is toilet training but we think we might wait a little longer. At least until he can recognize when he needs to do a poo instead of finding us when he's already finished. I'm so proud of my little man and cant wait for the adventures that will come with having a girl.
Congrats!!!! That's great.

So now your already for the arrival of your daughter. Good luck with the birth.

Have a wonderful Christmas

That's Fantastic!!!
Have you got any tips or tricks that you used? We are just about to undertake the task after Christmas so our son is all set up before the arrival of our second born in March.
Merry Christmas.
With stopping the dummy we started months ago, Him only having it at bed time. eventually he stopped using it for naps and in november stopped using it altogether. He helped me put them in the bin and said goodbye to them. We kept one just incase but he was great about it.
Same with bottles, we introduced a sippy cup at 18 months and reduced the amount of times he used the bottle compared to the cup. I don't think he really noticed that he had stopped using it. We let him choose which cup he wanted at the store and of course he chose a pink one. We get stares in public but i don't care, its what he wanted.
Swapping beds was a little harder because we put him to bed awake. He has never really been nursed to sleep because he gets too restless when I move him and if he wakes up it will take hours to get him back to sleep and I just don't have time for that.
We set his bed up first thing in the morning and he was very excited. He spent most of the day in his room playing on it which turned out to be a bad thing because I think now he finds it a game to get in and out of bed 50 times a night. The first few weeks we had to stand outside his bedroom door and keep putting him back to bed every time he got up. Then he would come to the door, see us and quickly run back to bed. He still has some nights where he will sneak out of bed but most of the time he's too tired to keep playing. We close off the living room and kitchen and keep all his toys in there so he has nothing to play with and the only place he can go is the hallway or our room. Also we never used a rail so he falls out of bed sometimes. We considered putting a gate across his doorway but we wanted him to be able to come to us in the night if something was wrong, like a bad dream or fallen out of bed.
You could use Christmas as an excuse to get rid of the dummy/bottle. Tell your child Santa took them to give them to someone else who needs them more.
Hope you found this helpful.
Buste_Xx wrote:
You could use Christmas as an excuse to get rid of the dummy/bottle. Tell your child Santa took them to give them to someone else who needs them more.
Hope you found this helpful.

Great trick !!! I am sure this would tempt many mums to perform this task. grin
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