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Moving house, emotional toddler upset by the thought! Lock Rss

We are about to leave our current residence and move into our family home, a move that will be wonderful as a family, more space, backyard for kids etc. However our 3 year continues to cry about the move, saying he's going to miss our house? Questioning if his toys are coming, the furniture, the neighbours cat etc!!! I reassure him that everything is coming with us but he cries and cries. I've been thinking of putting a gift package together to make the transition comfortable for him, making it exciting for when he arrives in the new place and not miss his old place. Can anyone suggest what I should put in this package or any of message I can give my sensitive young man to help him?

Poor boy , he has grown attached to the home . Maybe take a picture of the house and perhaps make a little memory album telling him that he can always look at the book whenever he wants to . Good idea about the gift package and hope your move goes well
Thank you, that's an idea that crossed my mind. I took a few pics of his bedroom before I took down pictures etc, that might a good photo to give him. Another mum on another forum also suggested drawing a map of the house and neighbourhood with new special spots to explore on it. I know how bittersweet this is for me and at least I know what's happening, I can't imagine his anxiety. Thank you so much for your time and top idea.
Do you have access to the new place before the move?
We are just about to move again, and our young sons took a while to settle when we moved last time, This time round we have had the new place for a couple of weeks, have painted the boys rooms and our sensitive 3 yr old is really excited as his new room has a green wall - his favourite colour, we have also planted seeds and plants in the garden together and moved outdoor toys over already, so it is more of a slow transition this time.
We move end of next week so fingers crossed it all works!! smile

Wow that is great. Wishing you a well in your new home !
poor boy. I have experienced the same situation with my older daughter when we moved. She is in general extremely sensitive to changes, so I find having the following remedies in my first aid kit really helpful.

First, I found using homeopathics quite effective in situation when adjustment to change is needed. I used Arsenicum 6 c 3 times a day for a few weeks. "Arsenicum: Arsenicum helps the body to adjust to change, physical, emotional and psychic."(owen homeopathics). There is an actual "adjust to change kit" you can get from them. They are extremely helpful. You can just ring them and ask if they have a retailer in nsw. If not, perhaps they can advise who you could see in your area. Arsenicum 6c should be available from most of the health shops.

I also use "Crisis relief drops" or "Bach Rescue remedy" every time my kids are upset and have trouble with their emotions. It is plant-based and very quickly helps to calm them down.

When we moved I found that it also helped to get present to how anxious I was about the move. As I find that most of the time my kids mirror emotions that I refuse to notice in myself. So, i usually take the rescue remedy together with them:)

Good luck with your move!

Marina Bovykina
Author, Mother, Holistic Counsellor

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