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Sand Eater Lock Rss


I have a 14month old daughter who just loves to shovel sand into her mouth when at Playgroup and the beach etc. Someone told me it is because she is lacking some vitamin (probably iron). She is a very fussy eater of solids and still has about 4 breastfeeds a day. Has anyone else heard of this or any other theories as to why she eats sand. The sand comes out when she has a pooy nappy.

Thanks all

Linda, NSW, 14mth Baby

hi Linda
I work at the child care centre and i've seen lots of kids love putting sand into their mouth.
I also have a 3 1/2 who used to love to eat sand, it never bothered me. I think kids love to excplore and feel the texture. But i've never heard from anyone that they might be lacking iron,thats just my opinion.Hope it helps.

mother of two vic

Hi my daughter is 15 months and she does that to, don't worry they are just checking out different textures and tastes.

She will grow out of it how many adults do you see at the beach eating sand???

Aileen, nsw, Macenzie17 months plus 1 edd 4/11/04

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