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August 06 munchkins Lock Rss

This is my second post on the forum and just wanted to catch up with other mums with August babies.(Hope it hasn't been done to death)
Oscar Charlie was born on the 18th August and is our first. He has had low muscle tone issues that we have been getting help with and seems to be catching up quickly. He started crawling at 12m3w and this last week has mastered pulling up to stand. He has a vocab of about 10 words he uses off and on and we are currently dealing with some food issues...more precisely spitting food. Hmmm. Would love to hear about your little people and what they are up to.
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Oscar Charlie 18.08.06 & Emily Grace 22.10.08

Heya Ali.

Seb was born on the 24th of August, and he was crawling at 6 1/2 mths, walking at 13... but still only says Dad and doesn't really understand what it means anyway (everything is Dad lol) He's a good eater though. Eats all his veggies.... just started throwing small tantys every now and then lol smile] Your DS sounds lovely... I wish mine would sit still and talk to me!

Wow. Crawling at 6 1/2 months!
I love the name Seb. Does it have any special meaning? Oscar Charlie's Dad is an aviation freak, hence his name and my Dad's name was Charles.
Oz pretty much says Dad for lots of things too. I think he likes how it sounds. He used to call me boob:)which was a bit embarrassing in public.
I posted a couple of days ago about his newest trick of spitting his food out but other than that he is a good eater too. Doesn't like banana though.
Has Seb's sleep patterns changed? Oz has 2 small 40-60 min naps during the day and has been wanting to go to bed at 5.30pm the last 3 nights. Not too keen on that. He still wakes with the birds at 5am every morning squealing and banging his cot rails with his water bottle.
P.S How did you get your pic on your post? Seb looks very cheeky.

Oscar Charlie 18.08.06 & Emily Grace 22.10.08

I had a huuuge trouble with the silly pic. I tried uploading it to photobucket, but the filename was too big. Sorry, not much help there tongue I ended up getting DF to fix it for me.

Seb still has 2 60-90min naps a day, which I thought was unusual, though i've been trying to cut it down to one lately. he's been sleeping from 6pm to about 7am since he was a few months old, so we're lucky there smile]

LOL at calling you a boob. Gosh... guess not talking can be good in some ways tongue Banana is one of his favourite foods.

Seb is short for Sebastian, and he's named after a character in one of DFs favourite novels. The character is a half-incubus... which sounds pretty bad, but he's the main character, and doesn't really like doing the whole incubus thing and eventually falls in love with a girl and settles down, yadayada, so it's not all that bad. I guess it might even appeal to him when he's a teenager? Lol. I was named after a character in a sci fi book, so it's getting to be a bit of a tradition?

7am wakeup = heaven. I still feel like I haven't caught up with sleep. Oscar has been sleeping thru since 10 months but just wakes too early. Can't have everything I guess. We are trying for another baby and I sometimes worry that I won't have the energy or sanity to cope. Do you still feel like some days are on auto pilot?
There is a Sebastian in Oz's swimming class. Very cute. Your DF sounds very imaginative. Lucky his fav book wasn't Rin Tin Tin or Lord of The Rings:)

Oscar Charlie 18.08.06 & Emily Grace 22.10.08

yeah... love the 7am wake-up hehe. DS has been sleeping through since 2 months, but he was bottlefed (would've love to bf him... but he just didn't wanna know about it sad]). I'm a really heavy sleeper anyway, and DF wakes up at a pin drop, so he was getting up when DS woke up nights from about week 4 on... and wouldn't even wake me up! I reckon when we try for the next one we're in for a real hell of a time! but DF wants to wait till seb's a little older and when he's working again. He started back at study this year and is loving it, and usually his classes have an hour break between them and his tech is only 5 mins walk away, so I have it pretty lucky there smile] DS always saves the best nappies for just when dad gets home. Lol.

PS: DF might've come up with the name, but I had the final say! tongue no bilbo baggins for this boy.. DF was origionally pushing for Lucifer... (another character by the same author) but I want DS to be able to make friends =/

EDIT: Lol. his latest trick is standing on a box staring out the window till we take him for a walk to the park. Then when we get home, he climbs back on his box and stares outside again. Kinda heartbreaking when the weather's horrid sad]
[Edited on 03/11/2007]

Yes I can see what you mean by Lucifer.
If we have a girl DF wants to call her Lucy. Her last name will be Larsen and to me Lucy Larsen sounds like a stripper;)

Our roles are reversed to yours. I wake at the drop of a hat. DF can sleep thru a cyclone. He has had it extremely easy I must say. I breast fed till Oz weaned himself at 12 1/2 months.

I so can't wait till Oz is walking. I will give him a box to stand on. That sounds adorable. His latest 'trick' is trying to suck our sausage dogs tail. Yuck. Am thankful tho, his cousin is 4 months older and likes to walk around carrying dog poo. Yes. Dog poo!!!

I think DS (am trying to use the abbreviations) is maybe teething today. He only has 6 teeth so far. He is very clingy today and it is quite hot here.
[Edited on 03/11/2007]

Oscar Charlie 18.08.06 & Emily Grace 22.10.08

Lucy Larsen actually reminds me alot of Marilyn Monroe for some reason, hehe. I do like the name though. Would DF be happy with it as a middle name? It is very pretty.

Ugh... dog poo??? At least he isn't trying to eat it? (I hope)

Seb has his 8 front teeth.. and one random back tooth, which is at least 2 spaces back from his other teeth... go figure.

You're so lucky with the weather! So much for summer! it's been drizzling on and off for the last week or so (Wellington) Seb's been keeping himself amusing by breaking his toys, trying to get stuck behind the couch, and running away with my shoes! sad] At least he loves sitting down to 'read' a book with me. He doesn't give me time to read it though... just wants to flick through the pages over and over and point at the pictures.

Hi Ladies
My DS was born on 25th August 06, he is my third child I have 2 older kids aged 14 and 12. My little one had a tough start to life requiring open heart surgery but he is fine now. He started crawling at 7 months, has been crusing furniture since 9 months and will walk holding one hand but is afraid to let go yet! He is very tiny for his age 73 cm tall and weighing 7.8 kg but we have been told he has slow groing bones but he will catch up by the time he is 21 years old! He says lots of words his favourite words are daddy, mumma and hotdog(He likes watching micky mouse and hot dog is the theme song!). My older 2 kids were also early talkers and with so many older people in the house it is not suprising he has good talking skills.
It is interesting to find out how other bubs the same age are going as they are all so different.
Thanks for starting this post!
Will talk to you soon

lisa : )

Hi girls
My DS was born on the 8th of August 06, hes my 1st bub he was born 6bls 3oz and 51cm long my labour went ok 12 and a 1/2 hrs had a epistomy cause he was posterier...yay..not lol that was the only part that i hated. He started crawling at 6 and 1/2 mths and he started walkin at 14mths old he ll be 15 mths in 4 days my babys gettin a big boy sniff sniff lol

He says mum dad nan hes startin to say more now..was gettin a bit worried... we also have guinea pigs inside and his high chair is right next to it and so everytime i get him out i have to take him over there i call them piggys and he says somethin along the lines of that to lol its funny.

Mum to 4 kids
Ethan Joel William
Jake Alexander
Emmalee Scarlett
Callum John

Our 2 angels 9wk baby and Ryan Jayden 17wks.

My Little Man was born on the 4th of august he was 8lbs 1oz and 49cm long he is now close to 10kg after serveral bouts of not eating due to sickness but hes well on his way to chubby bubby again! he started crawling at 7 months crusing at 10 months and walking a little over 12 months now he is running everywhere into everything and just a little bundle of joy, oh and words he says mum, dadda, bud (very rarely) nan, non (no) dog, and he had been saying a word for quite awhile which i could not figuir out for the life of me until yesterday when he worked out how to say all of it and put it with an action he says gunna gunna getya it is so cute!
sometimes he just says gunna but he has deffinatly added getcha and he gets his little fingers going. sorry bout the long post i am Proud Mummy!!
Yay there's more than just 2 of us!
Katzchen, I was born in a little town in NSW called Wellington. When I say it people think I am from NZ. Oz has a fascination in my shoes too. Always the mankiest ones, who knows why? Oh and no sign of any more teeth but he is chewing everything.
lisa, what a rough start for your little guy. Great that he is going well now. Are there any more ops for him in the future? My DS has low muscle tone so he needs extra help too but is catching up. Can't wait till he walks. He 'talks' all the time. Sounds like full on sentences. Am sure when I get him out of his cot he says hello how are ya. smile
carm85, I had a caesar. I had excess amniotic fluid and Oscar couldn't engage. He was literally diagonal in my belly.He was born on his due date. 7lb13oz and 53 cm long. I haven't had him weighed recently but at 12 months he was 11.3kg and 81cm. He's a very tall boy.
kjt2006, we play gunna get you too. He just about leaps out of my arms when my sister does it to him. Every time someone wants a nurse he waits for them to play and they think he doesn't want to go to them.

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Oscar Charlie 18.08.06 & Emily Grace 22.10.08

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