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17 month old Lock Rss

im running out of play time ideas for my little boy hes really active, loves the outdoors, we read dance do puzzles, build things swim in the pool.
he just always want s 2 have fun but i feel slack cause i cant play all the time cause i have a 4month old.

Rochelle, mother of 2

Connor is so lucky to have a Mum so in touch with his needs. It would be a real challange for you, congratulations for the great job you are doing.

With Oliver I try to set up different stations through out the house that will hopefully take his interest. Like putting the box of blocks in kitchen, when he finds things in places different to the usual they take on a new life. I have alot of different boxes and baskets and Oliver can just help himself.

The books live in a basket and Oliver will often sit and read to himself. I find the basket better then the shelf, one they look messy if they are not in the shelf correctly and for Oliver taking them out was the activity rather than reading them.

I put things in boxes, lego, animals, balls, scalfs and boxes and Oliver enjoys finding what is inside.

I try to spend a little bit of time when he is in bed to prepare for the onslaught of tomorrow. But this is sometimes hard for me with only one so I can only imagine how inviting your pillow would be.

The latest toy we have made is about 1 meter of ribbon folded in half and tacked to a piece of dowel (rings would also work just tie the ribbon on) and we use these as shakes. We have made only four but the different coulours look great. You can change the tempo of music and try to shake to the beat. I am sure your youngest child would also enjoy watching.

Oliver has been helping with the washing lately passing me one peg at a time. It is taking a little longer but we are both occupied and I am actually getting something done.

Oliver's favourite activity would probally be golf. The plastic set that cost about $2 from Coles has been the best investment. Right now he has a club in each hand and is hitting a ball all over the house. Over that now and he just brought a box to me with flash cards in it saying ball, the top card.

Of cause he loves bubbles can be an inside and outside thing.

Good luck with finding peace in your day.

Maryanne & Oliver 27/04/2004

hi there,

Your story made me smile as i have a 2yo also named connor & a 9 week old (kyrin)and Connor is very active - Have you tried joining a playgroup in your area? i take connor once a week & it gives him a chance to run about and socialise with other children & cost about 2.50 other things we do is go to the park, swimming, kick a soccer ball outside, painting (even using a bucket of water & old paint brush) chalks a long bath with some old plastic cups bowls & bottles take him to the museum give a big box (cubby houses cars and other things) one of my friends suggested i take him to ymca or pcyc where they have kindy gym coz he loves climbing but i havent go there yet.

Good luck & keep up the good work because i know they can be very tiring

Busy mum of 3 boys

Hi there, I have a 16 month old daughter, Sophia. I am currently putting together a music box and a dress-up box for her to play with at different times. The boxes will provide the excitement of "whats inside" and then this encourages them to use their independence and imagination to play with the contents of the box. I also have farm animals which i hide in her stacking blocks and once she finds them they keep her busy for ages. What about a box full of empty boxes and then you can add cars or farm animals or little people and watch him develop his imagination skills! I hope this helps. have a great day, Nicole.

Nicole NT

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