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aspergers anyone? Lock Rss

does anyone have a child with aspergers?
my sons diagnosis just changed from autism to aspergers with autistic traits...
l need some one to talk to.. sad
aww hun, big hugs to you guys.

Are you doing ok?

What now? has the doc given you a management plan?

It does get better ok, once you get Jake in the routine that suits him, it will be easier sweets.

ill email you soon ok sweets, hopefully tomoz.

Big hugs, im hear if you need someone to listen ok


sorry i cant help much. My son doesnt have aspergers, but my younger brother does. It was very hard for him but he's grown out of a lot of it.

I hope you find someone you can relate to. I understand your feelings. I hope it all works out and he gets good medical care. xx
My son is 4 years and 8 months and has very mild autism.He was diagnosed at 22 months and says a few single words.He loves communicating and interacting with peers.He is undies during the day but still in nappies at night.He can recognise and write his own name and knows how to write Mummy, Daddy, Nana and Grandad.Going to start working on his middle and last name soon.

He has been going to daycare since he was 21 months I think if we didn't send him for all this time he would have been a lot worse.

I am in denial that he is off to school at the end of April 5 years has gone way too fast.

DS Jacob 15/4/03 DD Kaitlyn 16/09/2008

My 14 year old daughter has aspergers and it wasn't diagnosed until she was 11. We always knew there was something different about her but didn't know what it was. She is now at high school and doing really well, I think there are many people who go through life with undiagnosed aspergers so it is good that it has been picked up early in your child's life. The main thing I have found is to keep my daughters life fairly predictable and not to change routines too much. Also if there is a set routine a child has it is easier to allow them to follow the routine than to try to rush them through it eg my daughter used to only like putting her shoes on in the car so if I tried to make her do it in the house she got upset and it took longer than allowing her to do it in the car!I have also found that she does learn how to do things for herself it just takes a little longer than other kids eg she learnt to ride a bike at 12 years of age. I am happy for you to pm me if you would like someone to chat with. It can be very frustrating not having anyone who understands what it is like to care for a child with this condition, All the best

lisa : )

I was just wondering my close girl friend has a 2.5 yr old who is so much more "smarter" then mine, in the way that she can count up to 30 and knows exactly what they look like as numbers . My daughter is average i suppose and can count to 10 but no idea what they look like any way her daughter isn't toilet trained, and does not play with other kids doesn't look at you when you speak to her. She isn't like the average 2.5 yr old if that makes sense she has the brain function for numbers but not everyday stuff is this maybe part of it? My friend has no idea and how can you bring it up we have in the way that we said to get her tested for her IQ as we think she very smart.But we havn't said what seems ovoius WE think she may have some sort of autisum how would anyone approach this?Even a friend is a grade 1 teacher and has noticed there is problems and thinks like we do HELP ANYONE
If she has aspergers it will hopefully get picked up when she goes to kindy or school. My daughter was given an IQ test in her early years and there were some areas where she had a high IQ and other areas where she was very low (the social areas). I also thought my daughter was very smart for her age as she was speaking in sentences by 18 months and was able to sing nursery rhymes clearly before she was 2. The things that were different were that she walked on her tippy toes, twirled her hands and liked to spin on the spot which did not make her dizzy. She also has low muscle tone so she had trouble riding a bike until she was 12 years old. I guess if you were going to bring it up you would have to choose your words carefully or otherwise wait until it is picked up when she gets older. Aspergers is not able to be cured so there is no real urgency for diagnoses except that if the parents wonder why there child is different and they are having trouble with behaviour which they can get help with. Hope this helps

lisa : )

Thanks heaps for the advice i think i will leave it alone.

with my son, he is very social, he will look you in the eye, u call him, and he'll look at u.. but.. his problems is ocd. obsessive complusive disorder. he has to have a light turned on when walking in a room and off when walking out, we all have to wear our shoes around the house, and me and hubby have to scrap our plates in the bin then pop them in the dishwasher EVERY time we eat.. cant put it on the bench and walk away! i have to take all the washing off the line, if somethings damp, we will go BALISTIC till i get it off, same as when i empty the dishwasher i have to take it ALL out, if somethings dirty and i want to leave it in their for the next load. i cant.
complusive, as in he has to touch EVERY THING! i mean EVERYTHING..
we cant take him anywhere, if he is in the pram at the shops i have to walk down the middle of the ilse where he cant reach anything, cant go to my parents house or relatives house..
he opens cupboards and cleARS EVERYTHING out onto the floor..
but just his constant touching, like if he walks into the bathroom he will unroll all the toilet paper and i could tell him a million times dont do it, it falls on deaf ears. he will go into my bedroom and put my bed side lamps on the floor! strip the linen off the beds! he is just very distructive..
he is stimulated well.. its not thats he's bored, i play with him heaps and he goes to pre school one day a week so i cant go to the doctors or grocery shop'n.
he loves it. he has a big day and doesnt want to leave his preshool which i think is unusual! he is really happy to see me but he seems to have so much fun there he wouldnt mind staying! at his old preschool i use to pick him up and when he saw me he'd cling to me.
so many people tell me oh if he's hard just send him another day, but that bugs me, i dont want to palm him off because he's difficult, he's my baby, i love him to bits no matter how hard he is.. i hate sending him the one day he goes, but i do need a few hours a week to get things done...
and i HATE people telling me "he's a normal 2 year old!" rrrr that bugs me! i'd be a slack mum if i thought there was something up with him and turned a blinde eye!

does anyone think what i have just wrote sounds normal or a little worrying?
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