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  5. what to do when ur child doesnt stop biting?

what to do when ur child doesnt stop biting? Lock Rss

my child keeps on biting this one child i dont seem the mother very often but the last two times my son has seen this child he has bitten her and the last time really bad i dont know how to stop him from biting is ita phase or will he grow out of it?
Hi Tanya.
Was interested in your post as my son is in occasional childcare with a toddler who bites. Unfortunately, his parents are a bit oblivious to it (or prehaps pretend to be as they don't know how to handle it). Unfortunate, because the other kids are keeping their distance now!

Found this site which may have some ideas (sorry about the massive address!)

Look forward to hearing what ends up working for you.
Cheers, Sue

Sue, DS b. Mar 2004

My 22 month old fortunately only bit me. (many many months ago now) The only thing that came naturally to me was to scream with the unexpected pain which I know scared her a little, then talk sternly to her face to face on why it was a bad thing to do and mummy doesn't like it as it made me sad. She has had great vocabulary for a long while so she gradually understood what I meant. Now when she pretends to bite, I think just to test the waters she says "Ibite mummy" I say no, no biting, you only bite apples, she then gives me a kiss instead. Like anything, it just needs pereserverance.
Hi Tanya,

My daughter bit me a couple of times a few months back. I asked the childcare centre for advice. They said that what they do is make a big fuss over the child that has been bitten, and ignore the child that did the biting. They said that it is important not to give any reaction to the child that did the biting, since this can be seen as a reward. As it turned out, I never had to use their advice, because my daughter stopped biting me. So, I can't tell you whether it worked or not. It might be worth a try.

Deanne, ACT, Daughter 8/9/2004

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