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Toddler Behaviour Lock Rss

My son is 22 months and is a very active child. He is our only child for the moment and goes to daycare 3 days a week and loves it. But he tends to play a lot on his own and watch other kids playing which breaks my heart. He tends to be a bit rough with other kids and will swipe at them and hit sometimes and I don't know what to do to stop it.We interact with him all the time and he talks a lot and is a very clever boy. But does anyone else's toddlers do this? I worry he is under developed as he doesn't play with other kids that much.
sounds like my son! he is 2 and 4 months he is what u said and extremly naughty . he has just been diagnosed with aspergers syndrome with autistic traits and has obsessive compulsive disorder something bad!!!!! if i cope from minute to minute they run into hours and days and i just cope! lol.. he goes to day care 1 day a week.. lm sure your son is fine as there is a massive range of "normal".. i followed my heart i always thought my son was more high maintance then other kids his age.. and i was right, he was diagnosed yesterday!
I think its a normal behaviour of children in this age group to not interact with each other. They will watch or play around each other without any one on one interaction.......

As far as I know this is normal behaviour for a toddler, they dont play "with" eachother at this stage nor know how to share so can get rough with other kids if they have something they want, they also dont understand that they are hurting by being rough. My DD is nearly 21 months and in a room full of kids she goes about her own business, as do all the other kids that age. She will seek out attention and want to play with older kids or adults but not kids her own age or younger.
your little ones behaviour is normal for his age, i am currently at uni studying child development and I have learnt that young children learn to play alongside children before they play with them. Many kids don't learn how to play with others until they are 4-5 and some continue to have troubles even when they are older. I wouldn't worry too much as Im sure in time your little one will learn how to play with others. Having him in childcare or going to playgroup will help him to develop social skills,
all the best,

lisa : )

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