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Drinking with a straw Lock Rss

My son is 16mths old. At what age do they start drinking with a straw.
Elijah's been drinking from a straw since he was 8ish months. it took him a few tries to get it, you buy a fruit box, and then they will try to bite the straw(well Elijah did), so i clamped his mouth shut, then squeezed the fruit box, so then he knew he had to keep his mouth shut.
My DS has been drinking from a straw from 12 months. He would not drink milk from a sippee cup, only water and I wanted to stop him from drinking milk in a bottle. I got a tommee tippee straw cup and he took to it like a duck to water. Only one way to see try!

Good Luck


My DD started drinking with a straw around 14 months, probably could have started her earlier. Took her a few goes to get it but she will drink alot more water with a straw cup than a sippy cup, which we no longer use at all.

You can get packs of four plastic cups with lids & straws (Take & Toss brand) from Big W for under $10. They are similar to a McDonalds take away drink in that the straw fits into the lid so it doesnt spill.
my daughter started drinking out of a tommee tippee straw cup at about 8 months.... they are the best and non spill!!! i think the shape of the straw helps!
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charlie was drinking froma straw about 9mths old. She got it really quickly too.

Charlie girl 15/01/06 & Dean the Machine 22/08/09

ds drank out of a normal straw at 9mnths so I bought him a tommee tippee straw cup, there really good cause there non-spill, good for giving them smoothies in aswell, ds loves it.
my kids have all taken drink from a straw from about 7-8 months, I also started them with a fruit box as a training tool as they get a drink without too much effort and a little squeeze of the box can get them started!

lisa : )

Owen started drinking from a straw at 7 to 8 months, he liked to copy anything his big brothers did and he knew how to suck anyway.


my DS is 16 months and has just mastered drinking from a straw. I have bought every type of cup imaginable but he has always had trouble with the squeeze and sip action of the non spill variety. last week at Coles I found in the drink bottle aisle a little clear cup with a straw that bends back over to sit on the lid, called a drinkee cup. cost $2.60 and he took to it straight away. am going to buy 2 more.
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Oscar Charlie 18.08.06 & Emily Grace 22.10.08

my son was very slow in the cup / straw department.

he was nearly 2 by the time he could drink out of a straw and a sippy cup was about 18mths and a normal cup at 2yrs old.

izacc,ethan and mya

Chops was drinking from a straw from bout 6ish months, and then it took him ages until he would figure out he had to actually tip a sippy cup up, really confused him, but he is all good now.

I say introduce the straw now, perhaps with a Thickshake type fluid (smoothie or something) so its not runny and he doesnt get hit with a big gush of liquid IYKWIM.

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