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premature babies Lock Rss

I have a son who was born at 25weeks gestation and he is now 21months old. at the time he was born i would have never pictured myself at this stage altough i was always positive he would pull through and after 15weeks in hospital i cant believe it seems just a distant memory. He was sent home on oxygen for a further 4months for his lung condition. his milestones took a while to reach, he rolled instead of crawling until just before his 1st birthday, he learnt to stand when he was 16months and walk at 18months. 1 thing he hasnt had a problem with is eating he eats alot more than other toddlers ive been round and im not sure if this is a good thing or not but he is very slim for a big eater. Any other mums have storys to share?
[Edited on 09/01/2008]
DD was 28 weeks and had such a rocky start. It's funny how your milestones are so skewed with a premmie. First milestone... breathing alone, then out of NICU and into SCN, then out of the humidicrib, then out of hospital, then getting the feeding tube out (that's how it went for us anyway)... all before bub was even due!

You don't even think about rolling, crawling, walking etc! I think DD was about 20 months before she took her first steps... I was so stressed! Then one day she just got up and took a few steps, the day after you'd think she'd been walking for months!

They seem to be naturally resilient though, DD is now almost 2 and 3 months (2 corrected) and apart from being a little small, you'd never know she was early! She is also a big eater and is (finally) just touching the bottom of the weight graph!
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Hi, My daughter was born at 33 weeks but way extremely small for her age. She was not allowed to be fed for nearly 2 weeks due to a bowel condition but ever since she has not stopped eating. She caught up to the other kids well within the first 2 years. She is now 14 years old and still loves her food. Also once she got past the baby milestones a little late she has picked up and if fairly developmentally average for her age. So I wouldn't worry too much about the food, just let your little one enjoy eating and be happy that you haven't got the problem of a little one who won't eat.
All the best smile

lisa : )

yeah ur right the milestones do change and its so funny that while others who see your child for the first time think wow hes so tiny when ur thinking u have a giant compared to when he was born. my son is 22months now and just learning words and loves to copy everything his uncles do which i guess is a good thing bcause its still learning. thanks for the inputs
hi, my son was born at 31 weeks he was home in 5 weeks i was lucky hes been a little behind in development but hes now 15 months and is doing almost everything u wouldnt tell he was premmy now but i do have a problem he doesnt eat alot and likes to pick at food.
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