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Roller Skating Lock Rss

I dont know if I am in the correct title...but has anyone take their toddler skating?? My daughter (4 yr old) is nagging me to take her but I am just hesitant in the fact that she may be too young/??

Jordyn 27.09.03 & Jack 10.03.05

It depends on the individual child but my brother was roller skating better than me when he was 4 years old! i guess you could give it a go and see how she handles it but I do know quite a few kids who have started at 4!
Good luck

lisa : )

we have a skating rink that caters dor toddlers, they have their own area and the kids love it... and the earlier they learn any new skill (reading numbers etc) the quicker they pick it up i think... sounds like fun!
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