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Toe Nail Biting Lock Rss

I have asked several of my friends whether they have ever experienced or seen a toddler bite their toe nails. My boy started to do this at 18 months (now 21 months). Although this is very convenience for me not having to cut his toe nails anymore, I wonder if this is a habit I should try to stop. I don't pay attention to it and he enjoys it at the drop of a hat. He also loves to bite his finger nails. Should I be worried? What strategy should I apply to stop the behaviour?

Noela, QLD, 21 mth boy

My daughter (almost 3 now) used to bite her toes and fingers and simply because i didn't like the way it looked, (and also the germ/worm factor), I encouraged her to try and stop it. Being a girl we play nails and I put "Pretty pink polish" on her fingers and toes each week. It only took a couple of weeks for normal growth to begin because she doesn't want to bite the polish off.

mAy all yOur wiSheS cOmE trUe...

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