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undoing car seat harness Lock Rss

Hi All,
I am having a prob with my 16month old son undoing his car seat harness. He has only done it a couple of times but I am scared he is going to get into the habit of it as it is very dangerous. Has anyone else had this problem? I really don't know how he can get it undone as it is quite hard to push but would love any ideas of what to do in this situation.

lisa : )

I've heard of a few very clever babies that can do it. Most baby stores have things you can buy to cover the clips so they can't undo it - might be worth checking out - they aren't usually expensive.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Thanks I didn't know that you could buy gadgets like that I will look into it.

lisa : )

ahh yep my son still does this sometimes !
he doesn't undo it. but somehow he gets his arms out of the straps...i have no idea how because they are tight and correctly fitted but somehow he wiggles out.
he is 2 and a half so lukily i use bribes if he does it while i will take his teddy bear off him etc etc and it usually works.
i think there are covers you can buy from baby on a budget or even BIgW. if not make your own to cover the clip.

Danni, WA,

dd started doin this too.. so she is now in a booster with a harness.. no buckle to

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