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he's shrinking! Lock Rss

Hi everyone,
Im having lots of trouble getting my 17 month old bub to grow. He was born with a heart condition that required surgery and he has slow growing bones but nothing I have done to help him gain weight is working. He has seen dietitians and I have changed his diet but he just won't eat the things they want him to. I have been told to add cream and butter to his food ETC but he chooses healthy foods like grapes and peas and won't touch the meat Etc on his plate. I was really upset today as he was weighed again and now he has lost weight and but grown 1 cm in height so I can see his ribs. He is 76 cm tall and weighs 7.695 kg he has been in the 7kg range for well over 6 months now and I don't know what else to do.
I guess I am asking if anyone has had a similar problem, in the world we live in it is unusual to be worried about being underweight as everyone I talk to is overweight! but not my lil guy!
Any ideas would be valued,

lisa : )

Hi Lisa

Xavier has just turned 12 months and also had heart surgery as a bub. I have been told by a number of medical people to expect him to be lighter and probably not have a weight problem throught his life. Food is not a priority to him at all but he is slowly starting to eat for us. He will only eat puree and still manages to gag and vomit on it at times but will take finger foods and do lumps that way - sometimes!

I don't want this to come out the wrong way but Xavier is heavy compared to your DS. He weighed 8.9kg on his birthday which puts him just under the 10th percentile. We have 6 mthly checks with his Paediatrician who is really happy with his progress as is his CHN who I see about monthly. His cardiologist is also really happy with his progress too and nothing is ever said about his weight being an issue. What does your Paediatrician say about his weight? I know it is expensive but maybe keep trying Dietitians until you find one that understands babies and how fussy they can be and that even though they 'should' eat something they don't always co-operate! When Xavier had his surgery, we were told that heart babies mouths are affected too. They don't exactly know why but heart babies generally don't latch to breast feed, sometimes don't drink from a bottle well either and are slower to like foods. Somehow the mouth is linked to heart conditions. I don't know if you were ever told anything like this but we even read one of the ICU nurses handbooks on heart babies and it went into detail about how they are different to non heart babies.

I have no magic fix for your DS to gain weight but I really hope he takes to food soon for you.

not sure about the heart condition thing but my 27 month old is very very healthy and only about 10kg maybe a little more.
he has never been a big kid and i doublt ever will be.

as long as he is healthy and his heart is ok i dont think there is need to worry about it.
I started my little girl on a bottle just now at 15 months, people tell me Im starting a bad habit at a late age but I don't care. (you could give it in a big drink bottle or straw cup though) She has 3 or 4 bottles of full cream milk a day, and since she's started she's put on 100g a week!!
She does not have a heart condition though so I don't know you would have the same results. Doesn't harm to try I suppose! Good luck.
(she is now 10.1kg)

Hi. I havent been on this site for soooo long, but your thread jumped out at me.

My little girl, Alex, also has CHD that was repaired shortly after birth. She also has had 2 other airways operations and has ongoing medical and developmental issues. She is currently 22 months and 9.4kg. She has had a huge battle with oral aversion, which we're now overcoming thank god!! She is also on meds for reflux, and is currenlty only on her neocate bottles (no food) due to servere allergies to dairy, soy, egg, wheat, nuts, goat milk, rice milk, peas and a few other foods. So no food, and we're worried she'll lose weight again. She's not on the percentile chart, and hasnt been for about a yr.

Peta, mummy to Alexandra 22months : )

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