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23months not walking limited speech seizures??? Lock Rss

I have a four year old who is very advanced but my 23 month old (3/12/03) is very delayed. She is not yet walking, says around 20 clear words and another 20 that only me and my four year old can decipher. Two months ago she suffered 3 seizures ranging from 15 seconds to the third which was medically stopped at 3 minutes before these her speech was much better and she probably had 100 or so words clear such as nursery rhymes. Is now refusing meat other than fritz/paloney/devon or mince. The EEG came back clear she was not unwell nor had a fever and these seizures are simply classified as unexplained as is her other problems which doctors are now trying to rectify. She will soon have ct scan and then an mri as well as having bloods taken and a griiffiths test in December. Anyone else had a child have any of these issues??

Lisa, WA,4 kids

Hi, I have no experience to share or advice but wanted to say that I wish you and your family the very best and I really do hope that the outcome of all this is positive for you. Take Care.
my son has had many tests done on these issues. he is dvelopmentally delayed, misssing a chromosome and has a bowel disease. with this missing chromosome we have no idea what could happen to him, he has had a few seizures but the results have come up negative for any unnormal activity in the brain. he has holding breath attacks where he passes out because smomething has hurt/scared him. only say about 2-4 words signs 2-4 words. daily struggle, all i can suggest is keep going for the tests ask the doctor to do a dna scan to see if there are any abnormalities in her system and that may help u out more. maybe something to do with the heat too. cant say until u get more result back from the doctor but all u can do is monitor ur daughter and if ne thing happened ring the ambulance ir take her straight to hospital
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