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Left or right handed? Lock Rss

Just wondering when you noticed whether your child was left or right handed. Does anyone know when this is "meant" to become apparent?
Also, if you are both right handed did you have trouble teaching your left handed child to write and vise versa?
hi twins are 15mths old ellie first started to use her left hand for everthing but now she has swaped to her right hand ,sometimes i have notice she gets frustrated with the spoon in her left hand so that is why i think she is swaping,braydon has used his right hand from the and hubby are both right handed , my nan said that some of her kids were doing the same as ellie but she force them to use their right hand. sorry i cant help you much . but yes i would like to know more about this subject....... so i can stop putting the spoon back in her right hand thanks tracy
I did read somewhere recently that there is a pattern of changing hands that's fairly standard among all children eg born left dominant, change to right at 3 months etc, something along those lines, and the theory is this allows them to learn more while they're still very tactile, and try out both hands to see which they like the best. I know my 21 month old used to drive us mad as she changed all the time, but apparently it's all very normal. Now she is predominantly right-handed.

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