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15mth old routine Lock Rss

hi guys ,just wondering about my twos routine.they are still having two naps a day,also three bottles i"v been told to drop the afternoon bottle.but they still dont eat that much,,,they have about 400-500mls milk a day this is whot they eat
brecky bottle 6am
7.30am toast and weetbix
bed at 9.ooam
crackers when they awake. ussually 10.30
lunch at 12.oo sandwichs or home sausage roll,fruit.
2.00pm 140mls milk
awake around 3.30,,,,fruit
dinner at 5.00pm hot meal then a yougurt
7.00pm bottle and bed
of course the food does vary on different days.
love to hear any other ideas
thanks tracy
Maya's not quite 15 months but heres her routine:

Wake 6am
Breaky- toast and fruit 6.30am
Play inside
Nap 9am-10am
Usually go to town or off to play with friends until 12pm, Maya snacks while out
Lunch- meat, pasta, vegies, sandwiches etc 12pm
Play inside or dvd, usually nanny visits
Bottle- 200mls 1pm
Bed 1.30pm-3.30pm
Outside play, sand pit, watering garden, helping mum with washing and picnic snacks until about 5.30pm
Dinner- same as mum and dad, 6pm
Bath 6.30
Bottle- 200mls 7pm
Bed 7.30pm
She also has a 200ml bottle somewhere between 12am and 3am

DD#1- 2004, DD#2 -2006, DD#3 -23/10/08.

Akina's routine
5am - breastfeed - back to sleep
8am - wake up, cup of moo moo and breakfast (cereal ie. weetbix)
then play
930 - am tea
12pm - lunch (sandwich & fruit)
1230 - sleep
230 - breastfeed
330 - pm tea and push in the pram
545 - dinner (hot meal - same as me)
615 - bath
715 - breast or moo moo, then straight to bed

Play can be anything from toys to playschool to outside games or adventures


Isabella's routine..

7am wake and bottle 220mls
8.30 brekky cereal/fruit
10am nap til 11.30am
12pm lunch sandwich, cheese stick
1pm jelly
2.30pm bottle 260mls nap til 4.30
snack...usually a bikky or fruit (if she eats too much before dinner she wont touch it)
6pm dinner yoghurt and whatever we have
7pm dessert then bath
8pm bottle 220mls and bed

bella has always been a very fussy eater and will not touch meat or veges...but i will not give up!

nsw...5 1/2 month old boy....4yr old girl

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