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September 06 Bubs Lock Rss

Hi Everyone.

I know that we did have a post quite sometime ago but it seems to have disappeared, well at least out of the first 5 pages.

So hows the Sept 06 bubs going?

I had DS weighed and measured at 18mths and his stats are W - 11.3kgs H - 82.5cms.

He has 8 teeth (finally) and can talk underwater, not that you would understand alot of it!! I am proud of my lil man, after all he was prem and is getting along really well.

I look forward to hearing from you all and hearing how your little monkeys are going.

I have a 2 year old now!!

Hey there!!! Well Cameron was born on the 19th and weighs in at 13.9kg and 86cm long!!! Talks like a madman, never shuts up lol but isn't walking yet sad , cruises everywhere but just hasn't go t the confidence to "let" go yet, should be soon though!! He has (I think) 12 teeth not sure though everytime I put my finger in to check it gets chomped lol!! He is able to say all the basics and loves to sing Old Macdionald! also he absolutely adores his 2 older brothers!!

Take care
[Edited on 11/03/2008]

Hey Girls!

Well Cooper is a September 16th baby, he is 13.5kg, not sure how tall, will check that next week at his needles, but he is quite a tall lil man lol.

He says about 40 words and is trying to repeat everything. He also has learnt to talk underwater lol.

He is Car and Bike obsessed!, Sleeps from about 7pm to 7am no dramas, and has a 2 hour sleep during the day.

He is being such a mummys boy at the moment, very clingy!!!

He has all of his teeth except his 2 year old Molars, Was walking at 11 months, and loves to run like a "giddy up horse" lol

He has been in a big boy (Jrn) Bed since 15months and loves it! He is perfect in it, hasnt climbed out once, and goes straight to sleep.

Now the naughty side lol. He sees, he wants! lol, is still easy distracted, but loves those bloody rides at the shops GRRRR. He is only now just starting to eat more than 3 veges, and meat. Loves his fruit tho.

Are the other boys REALLY ROUGH? Chops is full on! lol. This child has one speed, FAST! lmao.

Good to see everyone else going so well too!!!

Taz, Cammy will be walking within the month i say!

Hey Zeb, aww I dunno about the walking I reackon he wil be crawling forever lol, he just has zero interest in it atm, I give him a walker and he will just push for maybe 2 steps then give up and crawl, oh well. I think its just more frustrating then anything else, I get ticked of at people who look at him weirdly cause he is still crawling, being a big baby doesn't help matters either cause people think he is older then he is.

Anyhoo Cam had his chicken pox needle today, had a bit of a sook and that was it then came home and slept for 3 hours poor thing. Does anyone know what the go is with the immunisation payment? Do I need to contact centrelink or do they do it automatically?

We had to spend another $283 the other day for a bigger car seat for Cam, he has outgrown his normal bubby seat, he was just to tall for it so we got the Explorer from safe and sound, same as the maxi rider but no armrests and $100 cheaper.

Anyway hope all is well with everyone,

Tara and Cammy

Hi girls,

Well, where do I start...

Sophie was born on Sept 17th. And is currently 12 kgs and 85 cms tall. She is starting to speak in sentences and can say about three or four words together now. Sometimes, I can actually understand her! lol

She's been in her big bed for about 3 weeks and loves it. Sleeping from about 8pm until 7am.

She had just started wearing knickers, this week. Hasn't had an accident yet, but still in nappies overnight.(That's the next challenge).

Absolutely loves playing outside, swimming and her new puppy.

Has all of her teeth, but not 2 year old molars, just yet.

Hasn't time flown!! I can't believe it's the 18 month mark. We're expecting bub No2 (again) in Sept. Whoops, didn't plan that very well and Sophie gives my tummy raspberries and waves to the bubba! Very cute, although I don't think she understands what's happening.

Hope that everyone is doing well. smile]
[Edited on 12/03/2008]

I forgot to mention that Talan was born on 7th Sept.

Glad to hear all other bubs are doing well. Wow I cant believe that Chops and Sophie are in big beds, and Sophie is in knickers already.

Talan will tell me when he does a poo, he holds his nappy and says poo. So maybe this is a good sign. I give him nappy free time and tell him to sit on the potty and do wees, but doesnt happen.

Arnt they just the best, they are so much fun, Talan has us in stiches all the time, he is such a character.

I am thinking about taking him for his 18mth needle tomorrow, but hes had a bit of a cold and I dont know if the Dr will do it.

I have a 2 year old now!!

Hi Talansmummy,

Sounds like Talan is nearly ready for toilet training! Sophie's first sign was coming and telling me she had done a poo and it progressed from there. Won't be long now! I think that Sophie picked it up a little early bcoz she's been going to daycare and would see the older toddlers using the potty and toilet. So, she just started copying them. (She does that a lot). Our new puppy was trying to squeeze under the gate the other day and Sophie then decided to go under as well. It was the funniest sight. Her bottom was up in the air and she was calling out "stuck". Very cute.

Sophie has such a cheeky character. They're so entertaining hey!

Not sure about the needles if he's not feeling well. Maybe ring and ask at reception if they'll still do it? Good luck with it. Sophie has her needle on the 27th.

Have a great day with your little entertaining man. smile]

Talan goes to daycare too, so maybe TT wont be so bad after all, he does seem to copy the big kids alot too.

They are heaps funny, i videod Talan dancing the other day, he loves the Wiggles so much and loves Hot potato his arms are all over the place with it. So cute!

Well its d day for us today, I have decided not to put off the needle any longer, we dont have to make an appointment so hopefully the drs is quiet this afternoon. Cant do it next week incase he gets side effects and its Easter.

Thats so cute about Sophie calling out Stuck, its amazing how much they know and say isnt it. Does Sophie say alot of words?

I have a 2 year old now!!

Hey there,

How did Talan go with his needle? Hope it all went well for both of you. smile]

Sophie absolutely adores the Wiggles too. She has some of the weirdest and funniest dance moves I've ever seen! Our video camera comes out quite a bit when she's dancing and singing.

Sophie says quite a lot of words. She's just started putting words together in a sentence. Most of the time, I can understand her, but she gets so frustrated when I ask her to repeat herself when I can't understand her! I get the biggest frowns. But that just makes me laugh, and then she gets more upset. Poor thing.

Hope you have a fantastic Easter.

Well, my DD Isobel is nearly 18 months (born sept 26) and she too talks on stop all day long, no sentences yet (that I can understand) but heaps and heaps of words.

After reading the posts maybe she isn't that far off from TT. She tells me when she has done a poo (not a wee) but I haven't put her on the potty yet. The other day after she had her bath I let her run out into the lounge room nude and after a while she did a wee...the look on her face was priceless...she was mortified! Thank goodness we have floorboards! She did it again the next day after she went for a swim and I had taken her bathers off...this time we were outside.

Isobel was an early walker - 10.5 months and has definitely hit toddlerdom! We have a tantrum most days, but they are easily fixed by ignoring her and walking away, the screaming normally stops within a minute when she doesn't get the attention she wants!

We have her checkup on the 1st april but I think she weighs about 12 kg and is about 83 cm long - quite tall for a girl I think.

I agree that they are soooooo funny. She makes us laugh all day, dancing, singing, they way she talks and all the stories she has to tell! I can't believe 18 months has gone by, it seems like we have had her forever.

I haven't moved Isy to a big bed...when should you do that? She is still in her cot and in an 18-36 month grobag, she loves it, sleeps 7:30pm - 7:30am (or later sometimes) and has 2-3 hours during the day. Loves her sleep like her mum!
[Edited on 18/03/2008]

Hi,it's great to hear how other 06 bubs are doing. I started a thread before but it got lost.

Jayden was born on the 15 September, he arrived 4 weeks early, he is 14kg i'm not sure how tall he is but he can reach things on my kitchen bench and open doors now so i have to make sure all of the doors are locked he's a very sneeky little boy.

He can say lots of words some words are still hard to understand, He has been in a big boy bed since christmas.

He loves to play with water any sort of water i can't keep him away from it and he loves playing with the hose and chasing after his cat Neeko.

Jayden is going to have a little brother very soon and every time we ask him anything about his brother he puts his hand on my tummy and then gives him a kiss. it's so cute.

It's amazing how fast they grow up one minute they are tiny newborn babies the next minute there running around.


[Edited on 18/03/2008]

The needle went well, he cried for a couple of minutes then all forgotten. Nothing like the 12 mth ones, they were nightmares!! Its all over now till they turn 4.. yippee.

Talan only goes to daycare on Monday and Tuesday so Tuesday was his last day before easter, he got an easter bunny from the carer and he drew me the loveliest picture and the carer put a photo of him colouring in his picture in the card, so cute. I love his artwork.

Wow Nat, 14 kgs and 4 weeks early, hes doing really well. Talan was 4 weeks early too, wasnt it funny having them earlier then expected, I was still working and had to ring in sick when my waters broke, thankfully it happened in bed at 5 in the morning. Were you organised 4 weeks earlier? I was until Talan was obviously way too small for any of the clothes I packed and prewashed at home for him, I had to send the grandparents out for outfits for him mind you he lived in hospital gowns most of the time cause he had reflux. Glad those vomity days are over!!

I have a 2 year old now!!

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