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May '06' Toddlers! Lock Rss

Hi mums,
Just thought i would start a thread to see what everyones may '06' toddlers are doing?

My little man is always on the go. Not talking much but getting there. So fast these days. It seems like every second day he copies a new word. Now i have to watch my language. lol. He sings and dances when he watches Raggs. But cries when i tried to sing along. I wonder if i should be insulted. lol. I also have a 6 month ols baby girl who he just loves to bits. When she cries, he cries. When she drops her toys, he picks them back up for her. Sooooooo cute.

What are your little angels doing?


DS - 28-5-06, DD 22-9-07

My DD is trying to talk but I can only understand bits and pieces. She comes out with new words all the time but is getting frustrated because I don't understand what she wants. She dances and sings along with Hi 5 and the Wiggles. But don't be insulted by your little one as my DD tells me NO sometimes when I sing. Loves to run round the backyard and catch the dogs. How is your little I eating? DD has gone off food and has tantrums every meal time. Refuses to sit high chair or anywhere to eat. when I finally get her to eat something at night it's only mashed potato and peas and corn. Tried so many different things but now just at a loss of what to try next. Its wonderful that your son is really taken on the part of a big brother.

[Edited on 12/03/2008]
My DS went funny with dinner about 2 or 3 months ago. He would sit in his high chair quite happily but not eat anything. Now he is eating dinner again but has gone off breakfast. I have brought so many boxes of different cereal to get him to eat. Dont worry about her not eating, hopefully its just a faze. Atleast she is eating her vegies.

DS - 28-5-06, DD 22-9-07

Hi there

My little angel (lol yeah right) is starting to do the whole tantrum thing when she doesn't get her way. She's picking up heaps of words and we really only have to say them a handful of times and she remembers them. The only concern that i have is that she's not really putting more than one or two words together.

She's not fussy with her food however would prefer to eat off our plate instead of hers. We have her sitting at her little table not in a high chair.

She's not toilet trained yet however now and then we'll sit her on the big toilet just to get her associated with it. She does tell us poo and wee though even though she hasn't done one lol..

She'll be a big sister in Sept so we'll see how she goes with the new arrival.

DD 22.05.06

DD - 22nd May 06, DS - 2nd Oct 08

My little girl is doing the whole tantrum thing too and its like she has selective hearing at the moment everytime i call her or ask her to "come here" she ignore's me... I think it might be the terrible 2's kicking in.

She's almost toilet trained she still has her accidents every now and then.

She's always copying everything we say and is talking really we'll i understand what she's saying most of the time.
She also tries to sing along to the wiggles and Justine clarke.

I don't know if this is normal but she sits at her 'drawing table' and sorts out her crayons, pencils and pens then lines them all up are any of your little one doing this too?

Hollie 11/05/06

Hi Justine, and other Mums of May bubs

My DD is a May 06 baby - what a great age! She is a great little talker and is putting small sentences together now, and copies EVERYTHING DH and I say!! She knows lots of animal sounds, loves to dance and sing and has just learnt to count to 5.

She is a really good eater - always has been. Loves her fruit, veg and meat. Sometimes I find it hard keeping up with the amount of food she eats!!

I also have a 6 month old, DS. I think they will be great mates. DD is a good little helper when I am feeding or changing DS.

Joanne, WA, DD 22.05.06 & DS 04.10.07

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