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Birthday party - invite daycare friends?? Lock Rss

My DD 3rd birthday is coming up and we are going to have a small party. She wants to invite a couple of her daycare friends - I know the kids but not the parents.

Have you/would you take your kid to a birthday party from a daycare friend where you didn't know the parents? Would you think it was odd to receive an invitation?

I would but was wondering how others feel before I send an invitation.
i didnt know ne of the parents of my sons' daycare friends/class and sort of got to know them at the party was difficult cos u dont really know them but all u gotta do is be open minded and give them a go. u never know they might be nice people.( wasnt trying to be sarcastics if it sounded like it). just b like inviting the kids that ur son made when he is primary school sam ething just parents will b there instead.

also shouldnt matter how others feel just as long as the child is happy is all that matters.
Hi kirstiegai, I work in CC and it's common for little friends to go to others parties. I would approach the carers, and word them up...perhaps they could introduce you to the parents. I think it great that your child has told you she's got peers that she wants to invite. I guess its all got to start somewhere - it might be a good way of you getting to know some new people...and maybe all of your children will be in CC and school together later on.

Let us know what you do

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