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Boys Playing With Dollies Lock Rss

My son (2 years old) has has a little dollie - that he loves playing with, I don't have a problem with this - but I know some people will. My son is an only child, so we're teaching him that the doll is his baby sister - I encourage rather then discourage it because oneday (hopefully) we'll have another baby and I want him to be comfortable with handling babies and to know to be gentle and loving towards them. My Mum always says that little boys will see their daddy playing with babies and pushing prams so letting little boys play with dollies will result in a loving, caring daddy.

butterfly kissess after bedtime prayers smile

i have twins 15mths old b/g,braydon plays with ellies dollies all the time, its so cute to watch him , he copies what ellie does by cradling the doll in hes arms and patting her bum. i wear a shoulder handbag ,ellie wanted to wear one too so i had a couple spare,brayds things he is so cool walking around with his bag on. he is a very loving boy and i agree with your mum, also ellie loves his cars she is always taking them of him and pushing them around on the floor, my sister has a 8wk old baby and braydon is very loving towards him stroking his face and leaning in giving him cuddles, so i think you r doing the right thing,cause i have seen it first hand now , plus i love having another man to cuddle..... tracy
My 2 1/2yr old son has a doll and he loves it. He claimed it from his sisters collection and never lets it out of his site. He takes it in the car, to pre-school, bed, eats dinner with it etc.
He will grow out of it 1day but y not let him have fun with a doll while he can

amanda nsw mum of 2 preg with 3rd

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