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how to get him to drink milk form a cup? Lock Rss

HI, my lil angel is 15mths,. he was waking thru thr night and emanding a bottle, so we have decided to cut thjem out except for one before bed. So far this have proved fine and worling, only prob is he wont drink milk anyother way. we even tried chocalte milk ( bad i know ). I offer him his sippy cup with milk at breakfast and lunch and he gets it takes a big gulp realises its milk or formula and throws it. What do i do? he uses a straw cup. he insists on holding a big perosn cup himself, so only water is an option for those cups? i find the spout cups leak as he takes it everywhere, any ideas? or recomendations on cuops? he uses the tommee tippee straw cup at the mom

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

HI Does he drink milk out of the tommee tippee straw cup?? My son refused to drink anything out of a sipper cup he hated sipper cups only LOVED the tommee tippe straw cup. I use to worry that becasuse he wouldnt drink out of a sipper cup and only a straw cup (bottle b4 bed at night) it was bad and he would never learn how too do it. But i tell you, let them do it at there own pace and dont stress it gets us no where haha! My son is 2yrs & 2months old and drinks out of anything now with great ease. If your son does drink milk out of a straw cup i think thats better than nothing and b4 you know it he will want to try sipper cup again.
I weaned my daughter off the bottle and the dummy at the same time when she was 9.5 mths. I started at lunch time one day, she refused the first two bottles then the next morning she drank the whole sippy cup and from then on has done that. She has water and milk from the same type of sippy cup. I use the avent non-spill sippy cups.
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