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Toddler slaps her own face Lock Rss

My daughter is 22 months old and recently she has started slapping her face. I have tried ignoring her but she then slaps her face again and come crying up to me for a cuddle? How can I stop her from doing this... any suggestions?
Hi i hope this helps, my son used to headbutt everything not soft but flat out as hard as he could. Tiles, concrete, walls and even me!! he used to do the same thing whenever he really hurt himself he would cry for a cuddle.

We tried everything bribery, ignoring him etc but nothing worked until, this sounds cruel but it was the only thing that worked, everytime he did it we would tap him on the hand and tell him that what he was doing was naughty and he was only hurting himself. About a week and a half later he stopped doing it.

So i hope that this helps you!

Reidena mum 2 Joseph-2 3/4 and Harrison 2weeks

My daughter started biting herself, then coming to me for a cuddle crying.
Sounds mean, but I decided to watch her very closely for a week. Then when she bit herself I would say Oh dear that must have hurt, its not nice to hurt yourself, and leave it at that. She threw tantrums for a day or so, because I wouldn't cuddle her when she bit herself, but she stopped. I think she continued biting herself because I gave her attention, because initially I thought her sister had bitten her. It has taken longer to get her and her twin sister to stop biting each other.
one step at a time, I suppose.

Mum to twin girls 3yrs

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