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Words used inappropriately Lock Rss

Hi there,

Just wanted to get some opinions on an issue we have had for a while now with out son (3.5yrs). Our neighbour's slightly older boy came home from Kinder with some lovely names and other bad words and promptly passed them onto our son who now revels in calling people "poo poo head" and other equally as distasteful and unflattering names.

It's been going on and off for a number of months now and I just wondered how other mums have dealt with this type of unwanted behaviour. If we ignore him, he seems to take that as an OK to ramp it up, and yet warnings and punishments have done little to stem the flow of inapproptiate use of language. He thinks it is utterly hilarious and never fails to insult at least 3 people on each shopping trip alone!

When he gets punished for calling names, he then switches to substituting or adding "bad" words into sentences... Eg "Mum I want a poo poo apple" or "Look, a big poo poo tree" (instead of Christmas tree).

one book I have read suggests that ignoring the behaviour is best because they want an audience and a reaction, but as I said, we have tried this (it takes every ounce of patience I have in my soul) and yet he just thinks it makes it ok to do it more! Not to mention trying to explain to strangers why you are allowing your son to get away with insulting them without so much as batting an eyelid...

So what have you found works when trying to discourage or delete inappropriate words from your children's vocabulary?

2 boys under 4

have u tried taking things away from him each time he says these words? i know it might sound stupid but if he gets his favourite toys/ things taken away from him each time he says these words then he might get the idea. put these toys away for like 2 weeks and see what happens if he starts behaving himself then give him a toy a week until he knows that he is not allowed to say these words.
hi there,

its extremelly normal for preschool aged children to aquire a "potty" mouth my daughters favorite song at that age was humpty dumpty sat on a poo poo head! yes it can be embarrassing but if someone is insulted by what your child says then quite frankly they need to grow up children that age cannot possibly know that what they are saying is insulting as its an adult concept if you really hate these words you could try substituting when he says them for example if he says he wants a poo poo apple you could say "you mean a green/red shiny apple" but not actually comment on the words if it helps he will grow out of this my eldest did at around 4 and my youngest is just starting to say it at nearly 3.
Another tip if you make a big deal out of these words you may not be able to make an affect if he comes home swearing from school, pick your battles and dont stress this too shall pass!
hope to have helped

Charlie 5, Imee 3, Laura 13mths, and ttc #4!

We have the same problem with our 3 year old. His word of the day is Stinky Dink. I told him I don't like his nasty words, and other people don't either. This has no effect. I have threatened washing his mouth out with soap.

I have also noticed a violent streak. He bit his 13 month old brother yesterday because he was naughty. It doesn't matter what I do, it doesn't stop.

Sarah, Mum of 2 boys

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