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Talking?? Lock Rss

Hi all...

My little boy started with the usual mumum Dadad and bubub about 4 months ago... but now has reverted back to just babble. seems to know what things are when I say them ie 'where's daddy' but doesn't seem to say it anymore, nor has he picked up on any other words. How are the rest of the one year olds doing out there?

Jacqui... 2 boys with another on the way

My DD was 1 on the 8th Nov. She can say Mum, dad, nana, dog, Gypsee (the Dog), Zaq (The Cat), book, ball, bye bye, dar (which is suppose to be tar), and she apparently said the number one to my husband yesterday! She also said, well sort of sounded like Amberley (friends dog who we went away with)

Her babble has changed recently as well, there are more sounds in her babble than ever before. When she picks a book up she pretends she is reading it and babbles all sorts of stuff out.

He might just be changing the type of babble he is doing as well and will go back to all the stuff he knows when he gets some more things to babble about.
Sounds like I'm babbling now!!!
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