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August 2004 bubs, how are they doin now? Lock Rss

hey all!
I noticed no one was writintg in this post in the baby section and realsied its cause all the bubs r toddlers now!
So hows ur 15/16 mth old doin now?
Ashton is a real handful! he is soooo active! he eats ANYTHINg including anything he canfind from the bathroom and kitchen cupboards! gotta e quick to catch him!
He closes all cupboards and doors ( probably from all mummys " no close it!!" lol so even when u want it open he will close it! he loves bath time and i havr to say time for a b-a-t-h to DH cause if i say it hes up the stiars and waiting at the door before we can catch him! lol
he talks alot now and just recemty started putting to words togther! it doesnt make sense but he says like daddy dicim whoch is daddy and dylan. lol he szsy lotsa words like mine, more, shoes, socks, up, daddy, mama, nana, nana for banana, bobba for bottle and all sorts, he also says tickle tickle tickle! lol and sings twinkle little star he actually only sings up abov, but he twinbkles his fingers inj the air as he says it! very cute! he helps with dylan, putting the dummy and any bottle he fins in his mouth! lol and pushes him in the walker! he helps mummy and daddy cook by standing oin a chair and chattering away!
um.. duno what else? what r u lil ones up to?

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

Rhys all of a sudden seems to be grown up. One minute he's a baby who just smiled when we talked. Now we're interacting with him. It's amazing.

Rhys says a few words but mainly does the pointing/grunting thing. He runs now and loves being chased which is really annoying when we want him to come to us because he'd prefer to run the opposite direction.

It feels like his molars have been coming through the last 6mths but i can finally see them coming through. He's been really clingy today but then I've felt a little under the weather myself so we've been cuddling each other.

Foodwise Rhys is more temperamental. Loves meat, fruit, cheese & yoghurt etc, not so hot on the vegies. Need to be more experimental with our meals so that I'm including hidden vegies.

Rhys loves opening & closing doors, drawers and going through my handbag. I have to be careful not to lose my credit cards after he's found my purse.

Looking forward to hearing more progress on the bubs.
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