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Clinginess!!!!! Lock Rss

My little man is nearly two and in the last fortnight has become sooooooo clingy it is unbelievable!!!

I could leave him and it would me no problem but now I cannot leave without tears!!!

Has anyone else had this problem or am I the lucky one???

I am a single mum, maybe this is part of it???

Help!! Anyone!!!


Hi Maria

My daughter is 18 months and only wants Mummy. My husband is a stay at home Dad and she loves being with him all day but when I leave in the morning there are tears. At night I have a permanent shadow. She has just become attached to her blanket which I'm thinking is a comfort thing.

I'm hoping it gets better and I've been told to just keep on walking once you get out the door.

Good luck.
My daughter goes through that when i go near other kids or she goes near other babies. It horrible especially when you want them to mix with other children. I couldnt walk out of the room without her crying for me, but when someone else picked her up everything was fine.Its almost like an attention thing with her with a little bit of separation anxiety... Hopefully it wont last long as it drives me nuts sometimes..

Kez Mum2 Skye(6/2/05) & Jordan (7/5/07)

My little girl cries when i leave too. Its really hard to leave her and go to work when she starts crying cos she doesnt want me to leave. She also has some days when she cries when any one leaves.

I think every child goes through it at some point. the only advice i have heard is to calmly say goodbye kiss cuddle and leave. Not to sneak off and not to make a big scene so thats what i do and i am always pleased to know that the tears dont last long after im gone.

Leanne, Eliza Jade 17/1/05

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