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How many words can your 1 year old say? Lock Rss

My eldest son has always been very chatty and could speak quite well by 2 1/2. My younger son has been a lot slower with words which I've been told is common in second children.

He turned 1 in October and really only grunts and points. He's very effective at telling what he wants/ how he feels, but just not using words.

He says all combinations of "ah" words like da, ga, ba, ta, na. Occasionally he says "mum" if he's particularly upset. The rest of the time he just babbles or grunts.

How many words could your second child say by 1 year old? The experts say they should have 20 words in their vocab by now. My boy is struggling for 3!

2 boys under 4

HI there,

Don't know if i can help you out much but i read that they could understand around 20 words by the time there 1 not actually speak 20. My little one is nearly 11 months and when she wants to can say mum, dad, nan and bubba.
I wouldn't worry i haven't many kids that can speak much at one

Hope this helps Ellas mumma
Dear Krazeemumma,
I also have a Boy (20 mth) he didn't start to say many words till about 14/ 15 mth and then all of a sudden he woke up one day and could say heeps of single words and about 18 mth he did the same thing and started to say phrases and now at 20 mth I reakon he has a vocabulary of prob 80 to 100 words but he mostly uses them in phrases and sentences. His health nurse says that this is quite unusual though as they aren't supposed to start putting more than 2 or 3 words together till about 2 to 2 1/2. We also suspect that he is a gifted child which brings its own problems like the huge and frequent frustrated tantrums> He is getting better now though as his verbal comunication is getting much better which is a huge relief. If any one else has a gifted child I would love to hear from you It would be noce to compare notes. My son can at 20 mth understand me perfectly, whether he choses to co operate or not is up to his mood. I wouldn't wory much about what he can and can't say at that age he will get it probably sooner rather than later and you will probably wish that he would just shut up some times and give you some peace and quiet. They can be quite little chatterboxes when they want to be. Enjoy the quiet while you can.

Hi All =0)
My son Kalvin is 19 months old and his first word at 5 months was "Mmm-Mum!" every morning to feed him his bottle and weet-bix, then at 6 months he started saying Da-dad, and shrugging his fathers shoulders to wake him up every morning as well. Then up until now I noticed that he has a pretty wide vocab and noticed that his babbling was also turning into REAL WORDS! (keeping in mind that the babble is still there but is also fading away pretty quickly). I am very proud, and it takes hard work and determination while teaching your kids no matter what the gender, and in the end it all pays off!
Its sooo cool I even wrote down a whole list for you guys to check it out, I cant help it, but Im just so proud of my son, I want the whole world to know LOL, LOL!
*Da,da,da,daaah... here goes LOL!*
1.Car (Favourite word)
3.Baba (Chinese for Dad)
6.Mama (Chinese for Mum)
7.Ha-wo (Hello)
11Pawpaw/Popo (Chinese for Grandma - not sure how its spelt)
14.App-Paw (Apple)
16.Bak-mo (Thai for Pig-Boy *not sure how its spelt*)
23.Wa (One)
38.Coo-me (Excuse me)
41.Oh Dear!
43.O-tay (OK)
45.No, no, no!
46.Oh Yeah! (Hungry Jacks Commercial)
47.Who dat? (Who’s that?)
48.Peez (Please)
49.Yarrs (Yes)
53.What-is-it? (Talks really fast when saying this, like Speedy Gonzalez!)
56.Ooh- Ouch!
57.Sar-wee (Sorry)
58.Bubba (Baby)
59.Gaw-Gaw (Big Brother in Chinese)
60.JeJe (Big Sister in Chinese *Don’t know how to spell it*)
61.Aww WOW!

So that pretty much wraps it up for me...
Good luck to all, and dont give up! its very rewarding in the end, my own son taught me that! =0)

~Cheers~ Aaliyana

Kalvin 17.6.2004 & Chelsey 7.3.2008

my daughter Ellie is 14 months and says 'Ta' 'Bub' 'That' 'Yeh' 'Mum''Dad' but nothing flash but with a very chatty almost 6yr old sister and almost 3 yr old brother she doesn't need to say a word.

Belinda,Qld,3 children(1 in heaven)

Well my daughter has just turned ONE 3 days ago and she can only say about 3 words.....

I was actually going to post asking what should she be saying but i saw this post and had to reply.... I know she isnt stupid but i thought that maybe she should be speaking a little more.

She has really come out of her shell now and is babbling alot more so hopefully we are making process!

Kez Mum2 Skye(6/2/05) & Jordan (7/5/07)

Roie abd Ben but mainly Aaliyana ... your on a thread with someone worried about their child’s development... not a how can I show off my ‘gifted’ child forum! Shocking. I’m sure your answers really made the poster feel better. I think it’s important you focus on teaching your child qualities like modesty, consideration and sensitivity rather than words....

To the poster, don’t worry, the 20 words thing isn’t true and is referring to understanding words. Your 1 year old probably understands more words than you realise. My baby some days briefly demonstrates she understands a word and it shocks me as very random. Baby’s pick and choose when they want to demonstrate what they know. And don’t worry about it or spend time trying to teach them. Best thing you can do is just talk to your baby normally as much as possible and narrate your day. As long as they demonstrate a gradual increased understanding of words I wouldn’t worry and they will talk when they want to. Personality comes into play a lot. If they are stubborn, not a natural chatterbox and a bit naughty and cheeky for example (not wanting to listen to mum or do what she says lol) they may take their time more!
RE: Francesaleeharvey
I've found a great video online that explains it really well.
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