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Speech Pathologist Lock Rss

Hi. My son is just over 2 1/2 and had his check up a couple of weeks ago. The CYH Nurse told me he needs to see a Speech pathologist as he is not saying full sentences or his own name. He says lots of words and puts 2 words together and can count to 5 and knows colours. I didn't think he was that behind but now I am worried. The waiting list to see a speech path is 5 months but if I go private it is 4 weeks and very expensive. Anyone else gone through the same thing, is he just lazy and will grow out of it?

Julie, SA, mum to Thomas born 21/11/05

Hi Julie,
My DS is 2yo 3 months and i have just visited a Speech Path. After speaking to CHN.
My local public hospital has a speech drop in centre once a week and this is how i got such a quick turn around. maybe phone your local public hospitals and see if they have this service.

The Speech Path was concerned that he does not put sentences together nor does he say his name. She has requested an assessment whichi i have to wait about 3/4 weeks for.
The Speech Path lady asked me not to worry as she really could not see any problems. Just that HE is just not quite got it together.
But i do symathise with you as i find that it is frustrating at times to communicate with him as he won't tell me what he wants.
She did suggest that over the next 3/4 weeks work on 3 words, my are MORE, DRINK and THANK YOU _ TA so thats all i can do.

Best of luck

Amanda Qld

My son had suspected hearing loss after Grommets at 22 months. A friend was studying S.Path interstate and recommended getting him checked, as he spoke his own garbled language (seemed to make sense to him, peoples names mixed in). We went through the public system, though we had private health. We spent a few sessions at a speechy then a full year at a special playgroup for kids who need help (mostly Autistic kids, as I suspected he had Autusm). Boy, what a difference a year makes. He came along in leaps and bounds, and has started Kinder this year 2 days a week. The teacher says he is keeping up so far, and doesn't display any major probs. I would recommmend doing whatever you need to before they start school.
Our son's nickname is now 'Motor Mouth' as I can't shut him up!!! lol!
Good luck,

Mum of 2 beautiful boys

hi my son is 21 months and can say a most of 6 words we have been waiting to see a speech path. since jan and still waiting they say that if he was over 2 the waiting list would be 2 years.
he can say
mummy (means mum Gran Sammy Dummy)
Sheep (cats name)
quack (all animal nosie)

HI everyone

My son will be 2 on July 31st and we are on the waiting list for speech pathology aswell. Our wating list was 5 months also, and he should reach the top of the list just after his 2nd birthday.

All my little one can say is 'hello' when the phone rings. He tries to count aswell but every number to him is two!

He is really trying hard but He seems to have problems understanding how to say words for example, when I take a photo of him and I ask him to say cheese, he says cooooo.

he does 'speak' his own language which I don't understand, and yes it is so frustrating not being able to understand him as I'm sure it is for him being able to let me know exactly what he wants.

He understands commands pretty well ie, time for bed,can I have a kiss/cuddle, let's go outside, grab your teddy, going for a bath, however when I tell him we're going out the back to see the puppies/dogs, he wont say dogs, he just says weee ooo weee oooo...When i ask him if he wants his milk, he says dee dee dee which is the sound of the beeps on the microvawe.

Yes, boys are apparenlty slower than girls, but it's just so sad coz I can really see him getting frustrated. I really hope speech therapy works.

3 gorgeous children to love forever

I am a Pre-Primary teacher and I would always suggest that you get anything that you are not sure about checked. I know it costs a lot of money, but at the moment I have a lot of children in my class with speech related issues and we are still trying to help them, its better to solve the problem (or know that everything is fine) rather than when they start school. It never hurts to check and make sure.
Has he had his hearing checked first?

I have just had DS (2) hearing checked (as I was a little concerned about his speech development, not very clear, but does say 2 or 3 words together) and found he has a blocked ear drum. So we are off to the specialist for that. And while I would hate grommets, if it improves his speech then its all good.
Hi there,
I am a speech pathologist and mother to a 23 month old boy and a 3 year old girl. I work in an early intervention centre and I encourage any parent with concerns regarding their child's speech or language development to contact their local community health centre and put their childs name on the waiting list to see a speech pathologist. Check with private speech pathologists near you, some use a medicare scheme that allows you to access 5 free visits. Check if any speech pathologists near you are trained in the Hanen Program, It Takes Two To Talk - this is a fantastic parent training program that gives you as the parent the skills to help your child increase his/her communication skills. Good luck, and remember early intervention really is the best.
hi ya,
my four year old has had speech problems and as I have experienced it all, i can give you the advise is go with what you feel best. I would reccommend not waiting if you are concenered and get him checked by the private speech as it is quicker and will put your mind at rest, you dont have to stick with them if he does need help but it will ge the ball rolling. Also ask your gp about his hearing you may not pick it up but most kids with speech delays have hearing problems.
my son had a lot of wax built up against his ear drum causing it to stick which made the sounds all muffled. we never got any draining or grommets as I have had people in know have more problems with their ears after this happening.
My son has improved greatly in his speech with the knowledge I have researched and learnt form our speech classes he did through the local hospital and is now ready for school next year. I have learnt every little child is differnt but all mums are the same we are the only ones that know what is best for our children. Hope you have luck let us know how you go.

Mummy to 3 Boys

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