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17mths and not walking yet Lock Rss

Hi everyone
My DH and his parents are concerned that our 17mth DS hasn't started walking yet. He happily walks aided holding our hands and can walk behind toy train. I think he will walk when he is ready to and they should stop stressing. Am I right about this?

Melanie WA

If your son is showing signs of walking, which he is, you have nothing to worry about! If he was sitting on the floor and not even crawling at 17 months, then you would have something to worry about.
Lucky you... the minute they start walking is when you start running so just enjoy that he's not walking yet!! smile

I agree! He'll walk when he's ready and then he'll be into everything lol! If there was something wrong with him, you would have had signs very early on when he missed those early milestones. But it sounds like he's fine and dandy. I think the average walking age is 12-13 months, but I know little ones who've walked as early as 8 months and as late as 20. It's a worry on us though isn't it? Especially when people comment. Try not to stress. But unfortunately that comes with the job lol!

Hi there, well not so long ago I was writing posts like this!! My 3rd DS wasn't walking either, finally on the day he turned 20 months off he went and now 3 weeks later he is running lol.

Mind you I had been waiting ages anticipating when he would walk and would you believe the day he did I wasn't there lol, yep my mum had the pleasure of seeing his first steps, cheeky monkey!

I think once they realise that it isn't going to hurt much when they fall they are fine, it is just a confidence thing!

Good luck! let us know how he goes!


My son also started walking while holding our hand when he was 12 months old. As soon as we let go he would start crawling again. He did this for about a month taking only 3-4 steps unaided. It wasnt until he learnt how to stand up by himself from the sitting position that he started walking properly. I think its good he likes to hold your hand while walking i think it makes them more confident. I know how it feels though when everyone expects them to be walking already - i found it really annoying. My workmates daughter didnt walk til she was 22 months old! i think it will only take a couple more weeks till you have a walker on your hands!


My DS is nearly one (in two weeks) and still doesn't even crawl, let alone walk. He has just started stading if we hold his arms up but won't stant on his own holsing furniature or anything like that.

I'm getting worried because he doesn't even try and move sad
Melmatt, doesn't sound like you should worry at all! Those first steps sound like they are just days away.

Lozwatts, my dd was the same. Was happily sitting on her backside at her first birthday while her little friends ran around her. She started commando crawling soon after her birthday, then started regular crawling a few months later. I took her to Occupational Therapy (OT) as I was worried and they have her some exercises to do for low muscle tone.

She was almost 18 months when out of the blue she stood up and started walking. She hasn't looked back! The OT now says she has completely caught up to her age gross motor milestones, so there you go, all that worry for nothing!

I know it feels odd when other kids are really active and yours doesn't move - but they do get there in the end, and stationary little people are so much easier to manage.

Also, I have a personal theory that late walkers are much more cautious (maybe because they are older) so although DD has had some falls, she has been spared some of the nasty 'stacks' that younger walkers encounter.

I know hindsight is a beautiful thing, but I wish I'd worried less and enjoyed the 'no moving phase' more. Mums of late walkers really are blessed!

My son didn't crawl until he was 12 months and didn't walk until 16 months. I don't think you need to worry at this stage.

Melanie, thanks for asking the question. I've just joined this forum, and was going to post pretty much the same topic. smile
So, it's been really reassuring reading all the responses.

My 16 month old little girl isn't walking yet either. I've generally felt that she's fine & will walk when she's ready, but every now & then I worry & wonder when she'll start. She's the same as your DS - walks while holding our hand, pushing her toy car around etc. She walks while holding onto furniture, that kind of thing. She took a few steps on her own the other week, but not since. I think it freaked her out a bit smile Like someone else mentioned, I think they possibly just have a more cautious temperament, and want to be sure they can do something properly before starting.
She was also a late crawler, at about 10-11 months.
I also heard somewhere, that the crawling phase is really important in so many ways for their development, so most bubs will need to crawl for a certain amount of time, before walking.

Anyways, by the sounds of it, it won't be long before our bubs decide to take off on their own. smile

My dd is 16 months old and is not walking either. She cruised around the furniture and walks with her walker but she is just not confident to do it on her own yet i think. I do worry about it and we are actually going to the physio in 2 weeks. I guess they will get her to do certain exercises to try and hurry her up. Hopefully she will be walking before our appointment. Fingers crossed!!!!.
Yahhhh!!!! She finally started walking yesterday at 16 and a half months. She got there eventually.
My daughter is 14 & half months and has just started walking around the house. She too would walk so well if holding onto my hand & then sit down and crawl if i let go of her hand. Then she progressed to taking a few wobbly steps and falling over etc, and a few days ago started getting confidence to let go of the lounge chair etc and start walking!!

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