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*****JULY 2004 BABIES***** HOW ARE WE ALL DOING?? Lock Rss

Hey guys! Kel here I had Kenzie on the 28th July 2004. I can't belive they are almost 4 years old! man how time has flown! so what have they been up to? I'll fill you in on us.... Last year was meant to be the perfect year. mid Jan I was 5 months pregnant with number 2 and we were all looking foward to that. Kenzie included. I was waiting for an appointment for Kenz to see an opthamologist at hostpital. nothing sinister, just a lazy eye (or so we thought!!) roll on 31st Jan 2007, up we waltz to hospital after I had brought appointment foward as we noticed a permanent 'reflection' in her eye. half hour later we walk out in disbelief me beside myself with a diagnosis. she was diagnosed with retinoblastoma. A rare childhood cancer of her eye. within 90 minutes we were issued tickets to fly up north to auckland (in nelson) the following morning. we spent two full weeks up there. long weeks. the following thurs on the 8th Of Feb Kenzie underwent a one hour op to remove her right eye and optic nerve. her eye was loaded with Tumour, and it had started to travel down the optic never, therefore she was high risk, meaning six months of chemotherapy. so between frequent trips to auckland and christchurce, life was hectic. the only thing we had to look foward to, was birth of our second child. just when we thought we were on the road to recovery with Kenz, three weeks out from having our second, we were given another heartbreaking piece of info. Kenzies retinoblastoma is actually hereditary. accept hubby nor myself are carriers. she has developed a new gene (can happen) called a mutation. therefore our baby too had to be tested. IF neil or myself were carriesr of this cancer, then their would be a 50/50 chance of baby having it too. but as Kenz has a new mutation, our chances of another child with it is only 3% This has many issues for Kenz. she is now more prone to other cancers as she gets older, and the risk of passing it onto her kids if she concieves naturally is 50%, therefore she will more then likely have to go thru selection process and ivf, to eliminate passing the gene. her cancer is caused thru a mutation in chromosome 13. three weeks after that, we welcomed another beautiful princess into our lives, Lexi Breanne, who I am glad to say, is clear of that mutation. Kenzie did really well with her chemo, she blew us away. her strength, and her coping abilities were amazing. A child's naievity in a situation like that is a big PLUS! she got a bit sick from chemo but not to bad, and I am glad to say she is now a perfectly healthy almost four year old! NO looking back. loosing her eye hasn't held her back. her prosthetic is bloody amazing, you can't actually tell and it moves!! but its her amazing strength that blows us away. her determination and her ability to just get up and get on with things. she taught us a whole lot of things about ourselvs and her last year. its amazing what a 2 and 1/2 year old remembers. its taught us to not take our kids for granted, and don't sweat the small stuff. and definitly take each day as it comes, coz u don't know when it might be taken away from you, or you loose some control over it! I just hope your all having smoothe sailing, you're all happy and healthy and your kids are wonderful! would love to hear about them all. and I'm sorry for the speel lol just lots has happened!

Mckenzie Cate 28/7/04 & Lexi Breanne 10/5/07

Wow. Go Kenzie! What a brave little girl. And how stressful for you all. Glad all is moving along nicely. I hope that it continues to do so.
I was on here looking for something about July 04 kids. Duncan is 4 on 2nd July. I can hardly believe it. He is growing into such a great little boy and I love him to bits. He makes me laugh so much. He was listening to the Wiggles with his little sister and they were singing 'Light's, camera, action' and I yelled out 'Wiggles!'. Duncan turned to me and with his finger up, said 'No mum. It's "wee girls" not wiggles!" I nearly wet myself with laughing. That's what you get with a Scotsman for a dad!
We had battles with doing no. 2 on toilet, but finally cracked it last month. It came to a head when we went away and he held on for 5 days. He had to go then.
Also, he won't try any new food. So his diet is really restricted. Does anyone else have this problem?
But, after reading about Kenzies life, ours is pretty breezy.

Janet, mummy to Duncan (5) and Isla (3)

Kids constantly amaze me. We might be falling apart, but give kids a cuddle and their smile makes the struggle worthwhile.

DS will be turning 4 on the 7th July. He's very cheeky and loves to dance and sing. We're finding that he's picking up songs very quickly and now we're careful about the kind of music we listen to.

He's been going to 3 year old kindy and loves it. Cried the first couple of times, but now gives me and his sister a kiss, a hug and a cheeky "bye!".

It was going to kindy that prompted me to get tough with the toilet training. Within two weeks of starting kindy, both DS and DD (23 months old at that stage) were fully toilet trained. DS was motivated by the fact that he was a "big boy" and big boys wear underwear, not nappies. DD was motivated by the fact that if her big brother was using the toilet, so was she ! smile

DS is willing to try new foods. He loves pizza and sushi rolls.

Lately he's been telling me he wants another baby. I told him we'd go over to my sister's house so he can play with his baby cousin. But apparently he wants one in my tummy. I tell him to go and discuss it with daddy. grin
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