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Maybies 2007 (may bubs) Lock Rss

Hey everyone I felt it was time to start up this post as our babies are now not babies anymore sad How sad I know! I am sorry if someone has already started this. I had a quick look but here's hoping I haven't stolen someones lime light!!

I have little Kailey who was born on the 10th of May 07 smile

Hi Amber, I have DD Kairi, who was born on the 16th May 07.
Hey Staaria, how are you? Congratulations on your pregnany smile It's a great age gap smile Well done. How are you feeling? I am 12 weeks pregnant with my third!

How is Kairi going? crawling? walking? talking? Good to hear from you smile

Hi Amber, she is walking and talking (a little) and screaming (a lot) lol. She has been very sick the last few days and not sleeping well, can't wait until she gets better. I can't believe how quickly this pregnancy is going...I guess the first time round everything is a new experience and seems to go slower.

How is Kailey doing? And you of course!

Hey Tash! Kailey's not walking yet, seems she's lazy like her sister was! Talking a fair bit! Some of the things she says just cracks me up! I pull the camera out and she goes "Cheese" haha!

Did you find out what Kairi was? I found out what my eldest was but not Kailey and I am not sure about this one yet! We'll see!

I feel pretty good! I think I am feeling tiny movements but everyone is telling me I am silly! (i am almost 13 weeks)

Hi Amber and Tash,

My little boy, Dion was born on May 26 2007. He has only just started crawling and most of the time it is only commando crawling, though he can crawl properly, only slowly though. He has 9 teeth - an eye tooth popped through last thursday. He can say quite a few words but doesn't say them often, besides mum and dad. He does say 'tlak' lots though. It sure would be nice to know what they are saying sometimes though!

Glad to hear that both of your pregnancies are going okay so far. So exciting to be adding to your families. Have to start thinking about that soon too.... lol.


Hey girlies!

My DD Maia was born on the 20th of May 2007,and she is a sweetheart.

She is crawling and standing but a little cautious of walking yet.But I'd say any day now she will take the plunge and give walking a try!!
She is full of chat,she said 'Dora'today after seeing the cartoon,how cute!Its amazing how much they learn and how quickly they develop,I can see her turning into a little girl and losing the baby look.
Not sure if any of you have encountered this,maybe you could give me some advice as DH and I are tearing our hair out!I have been caring for her since she was born.She is normally very independant but after returning for a few days away last week she has been incredibly clingy,screams if I leave her down,won't go to her dad even.I cannot do anything as she is either clinging to my leg or in my arms.I have tried letting her cry it out,but she only gets herself in a state,rolls around the floor,stamping and in hysterics,its very upsetting.
I believe she is probably suffering from a combination of seperation anxiety,getting over a cold and she is teething,could this be it?I brought her to doc incase anything wrong,and he just said probably combination of everything,but it is so unusual for her.
Unfortunetly,it is time for me to go back to work and I have to put her in creche,it will be great for both of us in time,as I would imagine she is getting bored at home with me,but am nervous of the transition.Any advice or experience greatly appreciated.Surely she is not going through the terrible twos stage yet?
Thanks in advance,Jude
Hey girls! Welcome Paula and Jude.

Jude, I can't help you hun as the only time I have been away from my kiddies kailey wasn't even bored, Tayah was only 4 months old, and it wasn't even 24 hours! Sorry about that. But I do through my child studies that children, until the age or 2/3 years don't understand that mummy and daddy will come back. They think if they can't see you, you're gone. I hope that makes sense? My first daughter was a very naughty little girl, but Kailey isn't. Tayah hit the terribles at about 12/13 months and got worse and worse :S Sorry! But just letting you know. Maybe Maia is just being naughty because you left her? I am not sure. Xx

Kailey has 4 teeth up the top, two down the bottom and a molar from no where up the top! She is walking to and from nick and I but only is we hold her, she is still wobbly but is getting courage slowly.

Well I have my bloods and ultrasound today I am very nervous. XX

Hi Girls,
Amber and Paula, you'll know me from our Maybies thread in 'baby' but to Tash and Jude I am Ange and I have a little girl Laila who was born on 1st May 07. I am also pregnant and due in 4 weeks.
I have found the last week or so Laila is starting to develop a real little temper and she hollers really loudly if I don't give her something that she wants.
Also, I used to be able to turn my back on her for a minute or two but at the moment she seems to be into everything she knows she is not allowed to. I feel like I spend my day constantly following her around saying 'No, No, No'. I have become the nag from hell!! She just seems to be constantly pushing boundaries at the moment. Is anyone else finding this?
Hi Ange, wowwww! Your pregnancy has gone soooo fast! How are you feeling? I got told from my 12 week scan that I am at risk of a down syndrome baby. I am going to see my doctor today. Since being told that, hubby and I have been the closest ever which is so nice to know he is there.

I know what you mean with Laila. I feel that all I say is NO NO NO! I chased Tayah yesterday as she ran off after stripping her jacket off AGAIN! And as you know it was freezing here yesterday. I didn't even think though.... I had JUST changed Kailey and was going to take the nappy outside but like I said tayah took my thoughts away and I got back into the room and Kailey was playing in her nappy :S I felt sooo sick from it. I whipped out the disinfectant and washed her down soooo well!! HAHAHA! Today we were doing craft time and as Tayah was putting craft bits on paper Kailey was taking them off, gee Tayah was getting worked up! But yes Kailey is always doing something she shouldnt be! Another thing is I accidently left the stair gate open and I heard "OH MUMMMY" Tayah called out to me because Kailey was going up the stairs. She won't walk but gee she's a climber.

Is anyone elses bub climbing?

Ange, it's hard with them getting into things and I just want to warn you that it may get worse when bubs comes along as Tayah was very naughty. I would be feeding Kailey and obviously couldn't move, and Tayah would be off doing something she shouldn't be. But in time, they do listen. Tayah knows most of the time that no means no.

Well, that's it from me for now!Take care girlies! Xx

Hi ladies my dd was born on 5th may 07. She is not walking yet LOL and she is a real little monkey that gets into everything!!

Hi Tannie, welcome to Maybies!
Amber, I'm so sorry to hear that your little Bub is at risk of down syndrome. Do you have to go for further tests. I'm shocked because you are so young and I always thought that the older you are the higher the risk - although I realise that is possibly being ignorant.
Hope everything goes okay at the Dr's for you, gee this pregnancy has been one worry after another for you sad
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