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Late Walker Lock Rss

Hi, I am a a new mommy. Well have been for the last 15 months to a beautiful babygirl. She's very healthy and rather smart (obviously she has mommy's genes haha). I am a little concern though as she is 15 mths and still not walking on her own. She started to crawl when she turned 12mths and goes everywhere. There's no stopping her. She loves to walk but has to have someone around that she can grab onto their fingers. I mean, she seems to be walking on her own as when I take her for walks I'm barely holding her. Is it lack of security? or am I just being a worryhead?

Some people keep asking me if my girl is walking yet and when I tell them the stage that she's at, they sort of like look as if she should had been walking ages ago.

I have 2 boys and they are very different, my eldest started walking on his first birthday, but the youngest, he's 16 months old, has only just started to let go of things and stand on his own. Mind you it isn't for very long smile.

All kids develop and grow at different stages, and just as long as you and your little girl are happy and healthy she will do things when she is ready. I know it sounds hard, I was like that when I was waiting for my youngest to start standing, I thought that he would never do it, but I got over that and he is happy and getting into everything with his brother making a good mess of the house with their toys smile

My son is now just over 16 months old and he only started to walk at 15 months. He also only started crawling at 12 months of age and I was worried as all the other kids seemed to be way ahead of him. But now he's found his feet (and his confidence) and although still wobbly he's now walking. Don't worry about your little girl, she'll walk when she's ready don't worry about that. I found that my son was the same, he held my finger for ages but wouldn't walk on his own. The way we got him to try harder was to get him excited about walking. I made a game of it and while he was holding onto the lounge I would get down on my knees only a few steps away from him and encourage him to me, when he took those few steps I swept him up and cheered and kissed him. He thought it was so much fun and wanted to do it over and over. Shortly after that he discovered that walking was fun and he was off! This is my first child so I am also a new mummy and the one thing I have learned from other mums and their kids is that they all develope at their own pace. My son Riley has only been walking for about four weeks now and still only has three teeth, whilst all the other kids his age that I know have about 10 teeth! I was a little worried but now I have learnt to sit back and let him grow as he is ready. My son's day carer has worked in the education system for young children for over 12 years and she says that whilst my son has been slow to walk compared to some others he is way ahead with his fine motor skills and speach and is a very intelligent little boy and I just couldn't be prouder.
Talk about Dejavu! I have 2 boys 16 months apart. The funny coincidence is that my first born also started walking on his first birthday and the second one started walking at 16 months!! I am SO over comparing kids! I can't stand to see Mothers boast to one another about their childs talents or IQ! Oh, I join with them in celebration of milestones but tact is so paramount these days. You never know who is feeling insecure or concerned about their child's development. Heaven knows I still can't do arithmetic at 34 but by gum I can cook a mean lasagne!! (and for that I only have to weigh things!! Ha Ha!) 0:-D

Lydia,SA,Mum of 4 & 3 yr old boys!

Hi, my daughter is 16 months and has just started walking this week. I was worried aswell but I know she's healthy. Just follow your gut. And Know that she's alone.
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