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Any other toddler with hip problems?? Lock Rss

We have just been told that our one year old little boy has to have surgery regarding a dislocated left hip. Just wondering if there is anyone else out there whose child has had similiar problems. I would love to hear from you, if so.

HF, NT, 10mth baby

Sorry, I can't help with the toddler part, but my 5 1/2 month old daughter has just been diagnosed with hip problems in both hips, but only after I had an argument with the doctor who said she had no problem, and that an ultrasound was not necessary. I insisted on getting a referal for an ultrasound, which showed that she definitely does have a problem. We have another 3 weeks to wait until we can see a specialist and find out what can be done. I'm kicking myself that I didn't insist on the ultrasound sooner - as I had hip problems as a baby, and treatment would have been easier if she had been detected sooner. Hope that everything is going okay with you. I would be interested in hearing how your son is going, and if he has had the surgery yet.

Good luck.

mum to 2 girls

Hi Mum2girls,

Sorry I am so late to respond to your message. I haven't been on the huggies site for awhile. My little boy has since had minor surgery where they put him under anaesthetic and popped the dislocated left hip back into place. He was then put in a cast which was left on for six weeks. At the moment, we aren' too happy as our doctor has lost x-rays etc and we don't even know if the cast did its job. If it hasn't then we have to return for a more serious operation in 6-12 months time. We visit the specialist next month. We can only hope and pray that this last procedure has worked. I understand your concerns. They should have thoroughly checked your little girl at birth considering the family history. My little boy was missed twice by the paeditrician, until I mentioned that my brother had severely dislocated hips as an infant. Then they took notice. However, we too did not have things done straightaway. My boy wasn't put in brace till 6 weeks. Had he been put in from day dot, who knows whether we'd still be going through this!!! Anyway let me know how you got on (if you need sometime to talk to whose been through this)

Take care

HF, NT, 10mth baby

Sorry to here that you all had so many problems! My DD had a u/s at 6 weeks as she was breech/female and first born. All babies with 2 or more risk factors ( and family history is one) in Victoria are given a routine u/s. We were told at 6 weeks that she had mild dysplasia in both hips and was scheduled for another at 12 weeks as they were sure that they would resolve themselves. At 12 weeks her right hip was perfect but her left had got worse. She was in a pavlik harness from 4 mths till 7 mths and her hips are now fine. We have ongoing checks (the next at 12 mths) but, besides having to go private as it was going to take 3 mths to get into the public clinic! we had no problems. Hope everything works out for you all.


Mumma to DD1 Jan 04 and DD2 Mar 06

Hi All, My first born (girl) was also diagnosed as having hip dysplasia at birth. She wore double nappies and had her first u/s at 6 weeks. The condition had worsened so we were referred to an orthopedic surgeon, Tiana was put in a brace for 10 weeks full-time. Yet another u/s & x-ray showed improvement and we were able to only use the harness for naps and overnight. One month later down to just overnight, then not at all. We went back for a check up once she had been walking for a few months and got the best news. Her hips were perfect!! The brace has not slowed her down at all she was walking at 13mths and running a week later, we're still waiting for her to stop!

My second daughter was also born with a slight "click" in both hips, but as they were stable no further treatment was required. At 6wks she had an u/s and her hips too are just perfect.

The hip condition is hereditary, my gift to my girls. Mine was not diagnosed until my early twenties. It is mild so no treatment but I did suffer with a lot of pain until I started seeing a fantastic chiropractor.

Don't know if I helped but thought I'd share my expirences
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