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July 2004 Bubs - how are they all Lock Rss

I was trying to track any and/or all of the mums and bubs from the original "Due in July", "Born in July" and "July 2004 bubs" posts.
If anyone is still out there I would love to hear how your little ones are doing.
I am Zarli's mum.

Sheree, mum to 2 plus 1 on the way (dd 31-5-06)

Hey Zarlis mum! (cool name by way!!) I was a late joiner onto the last catagory there now! Kenzie is coming up 18 months on 28 of jan man how time flies hah?? Wow congrats on ya preggers, due day after me birthday!! 30 is a MUCh better date I feel! LOL

Well Kenzie didnt start walking till 14 1/2 months, but god damn it, has she made up for it since!! Another 6 weeks, and it wouldve been a year since shed started crawling till walking *yawn* as it was seemed to take forever. she loves to run, is full of mischief, never fails to make me laugh or atleast smile!

She has her few words, like 'oof' for woof, and 'og' for dog, nana, mum, dad, ta, iggle for giggle. and a few more but hey i could harp on a whole entire day about her, even though I use to curse those with kids who did so, haha now im part of that mummy brigade! Too us she is just perfection! to others haha well shes pretty good at wrapping them around her fingers! shes quite comfortable staying the night on her own at grandma and papas,have done so a couple times of late, so thats worked out really well! and we have been blessed with such a easy going happy kid, that WE KNOW in fact well pretty much GUAREENTEE the next one will be a 'devils' child aha or their fathers child, one in the same to me!!

So tell us more about what Zarli is up to now??

Take care Love kel and Kenzie xoxoxo
msn if anyone wants is [email protected]

Mckenzie Cate 28/7/04 & Lexi Breanne 10/5/07

Hi Guys!

Well my little one is being a real little ratbag at the moment, won't sleep in her bed so is spread eagle on ours at the moment. She will be 19 months shortly and is quite a little sweetie most of the day!
She started walking at 14 months also. She also got her first tooth at 14 months! She is a bit wonky with her teeth, she got her molars first and still doesn't have her top front 2! She has 8 teeth to date, but I think there is another about to pop the surface.
Gemma says byebye with perfect timing, ta, balllllll - for ball! mumma, daddy, good girl, tho it sounds like goog gir. But but for belly button and she pulls my top up, points to my boobs and says boos. She is saying poo poo when she is about to or has done a poo, and did her first wee in a potty today! I had to quickly put her there, but hopefully the praise I gave her afterwards will make her want to do it all the time!!
She is really good at instructions, shuts the door, takes things to mum or dad (dad loves this when she takes him a beer!) puts her toys away..... occasionally. She does most things when she is prompted.
Sorry, once I start, I find it hard to stop! But that is her last few months summed up reasonably well!
I too would love to hear how all our 2004 July ones are going!
Congrats on the pregnancy mumagain, hope to be joining you with that soon too!

DD1 July 2004 DD2 August 2007 DS September 2009

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