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teeth slow to appear or missing ? Lock Rss

My DS, 14 months, has only 4 teeth. Anyone else have a bub with teeth slow to appear ? Is it considered normal to have only 4 teeth by this age ? I am missing my second to front top teeth - didnt have the baby or adult versions - and I am wondering if my bub may have inherited my "missing teeth" problem ?
I would take him to a dentist if you are truly concerned about it being hereditary but my DD is 16 months and only has 6 so 4 at 14 months seems fine. My sister got her first tooth at 18 months and I have heard this is not uncommon so 4 teeth at 14 months wouldn’t really be considered slow. Try not to worry and just keep an eye out and if your mummy instincts are telling you something isn’t right take him over to a dentist.
Hi there

My DD only started getting her first two bottom teeth at 9 months, it took 2 months for them to come through fully and then it was another few months before she got any more - which was only the top two. It was months before she got any more. She was a slow teether and now at 27 months still has at least four teeth to come through.... in the past few months she has gotten 8 all at once so is making up for it now.

Best to see a dentist I guess as it may be possible that she could have same issue as you did - I read somewhere that if a parent is a late teether then their children will most likely be but am not sure about the missing teeth thing. Although from what I understand at this stage they will probably take a wait and see approach as it is not abnormal at this age not to have more because they all develop at different rates.
My middle DD was 13 months before she got any teeth, thought she was never going to get any!! Se is now disappointed at 6 that she has not yet lost any!!

Nikki, Brissie, mum of 3,

thanks for all your posts. It is very reassuring to hear that it is not unusual for DS to only have 4 teeth at 14 months. Like what was suggested - I will take a wait and see approach and hopefully they will turn up soon (without too many sleepless nights) !
My little one shes 14months this week with any teeth yet can see lumps in her mouth just not ready to cut yet,I thought about calling my dentist but what can he do but say dont worry they come when they are ready but us mothers always worry.
my 17 month old has 8 teeth. Her first teeth didn't come through til 14 months.. she has only been teething twice so far, and both times 4 teeth have come through at once. They are such a pain in the bum but they will come eventually!

my DS is 14 mths only has 2 teeth... he got them both at the same time on june 1...
3rd tooth seems to be coming thru now
he has been very easy, cant tell he is teething apart from the red cheeks and teeth appearing!

Must say i have been told that the longer there teeth take to come thru the stronger they are!
[Edited on 23/07/2008]

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