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14mths and not walking Lock Rss

My bubs was on the verge of walking around 11mths. Then she got sick for 6weeks. 4 weeks we went to drs so many times but couldnt work out what exactly it was. Once she was better, she got the cold... So now she is all bubbly and herself again.. But still not walking. My health nurse said I have to come back in two months to see if she walking before we get concerned. How do I encourage her to walk.. She no longer likes to crawl. She'll stand to hold things but is so scared to stand freely.

I'm sure you've heard it before that she'll walk when she's ready, but can also understand your concern. My daughter was 14mths before she walked, but once she started there was no stopping her! She has one of those flip out sofas and found it easy to get up to a standing position from it. Once she was doing this, we encouraged her to take a step by holding toys in front of her - not very far at first, then further once she'd taken a few steps. Do keep in mind that sickness can put them back a bit, and try not to stress about it. And enjoy your freedom while you can!!!
elijah was a late walker.......i thought so anyway

he walked at 13m3w. liek teh above person said, once they get over the fear, they will walk everywhere just like that.

the weeks before eli walked he loved walking with his push/walker toys. and we encouraged him to walk by standing him my side, and to have dad a metre or so away, and i stood eli up and he walked there.

i wouldnt be too worried if shes only just on 14 months. i would give her another 2 months before i was worried.

how was she with her crawling rolling etc? eli was just average, so i knew he woudlnt be an early walker.
have u got something 2 be pushed along my son walked b4 he was one but at first he would just pull himself up on lounge turn to walk and stand for a second then go down but when he started standing using his push mower it would tke off and instead of letting go his little legs would go crazy runnin after it till he fell over and that gave him more courage he would then walk from one corner of the lounge to the other u could see how unsure he was but within a week he had all the confidence in the world he is 13months and running starting to climb im sure it wont be long my friend has twins and one walked at 15months the other started to then went back to crawling till 18months..each to there own ur little one wil b off in no time i bet smile

Hi. My bub is 14.5 months. He only started crawling about 5 weeks ago. He never rolled before 1. Yes, very slow with gross motor. He is called a "low tone" bub with very flexy joints. He is also on the larger size (he just weighed n at 11.6kgs!). On the recommendation of our maternal nurse we have been taking DS to a kids physio. It has been great to give us exercises to help teach him how to do things. We are currently trying to teach DS how to walk, although I suspect it is still quite a way off for us.

Some of the exercises are as mentioned above. We bought a little trolley and we encourage DS to stand at it, and then slowly move it forward. We stand DS against the wall and sit infront and encourage him to do things with his hands (ie reach for toy that I have held out, or singing twinkle twinkle). We use toys we try to encourage cruising on furniture - we use dining chairs and over time we will slowly increase the gaps between the chairs. We also have to encourage him to move between, say, a chair and turn around to the coffee table behind him. Also, simply, holding DS's hands from behind (although try not to hold them too high in the air) and walk with them. We also have to encourage lots of standing and upright time by putting toys on chairs, tables etc.

Although I know he will do things at his own pace, I am now going to physio for my back so really the sooner he starts walking better for all of us smile Hope this helps.
My DS was 15 months when he first walked unaided. He also wouldn't stand freely until 15 months either. I was nearly 2!

Is your daughter cruising around around furniture and trying to pull herself up on furniture? If she's doing this, then I wouldn't worry. She'll do it in her own time.

Like the others have said, my DS had a fire truck that he used to push around. He also liked pushing boxes around. One day he just picked up the box and started walking - as sudden as that!

I believe they concentrate on one developmental skill at a time. Maybe she's is working on something else at the moment.
My eldest daughter was almost 15 months when she started walking and my 2nd little girl is now 15 months and no where near interested in walking... I know how you feel... And I know how annoying the questions are "is her walking yet, why isn't she walking" etc. It's also hard to always hear "They'll do it in their own time. GRR!

But my little one is a climber. She's climbs up onto the couch and climbs chairs and EVERYTHING possible so this makes me feel better as I realise she is just wanting to do her own thing. She finds that she is happy to get around on her hands and knees but her poor little knees are getting worn out hehe! My eldest only walked because we stood her on the grass and left her so she had to walk! But this one is stubborn and just falls, she won't put her feet out!!!

I wouldn't worry too much. My DS was 13 1/2 months before he crawled and at nearly 15 months shows no interest in walking. 'Why walk when I can crawl faster'? is the look he gives me when we stand him up! He will pull himself up to his knees and has pulled himself up to standing about half a dozen times, but he's no rush. He's a big boy too, and always has been. He'll get there in his own time. I was 16 months before I walked.

What annoys me most is the people who constantly ask "Is he walking yet?" and when you say no they ask how old he is and have this surprised look on their faces when you tell them, like 'he should be walking by now'.

I have a friend whose 10 month old has just started crawling, and she keeps saying 'I'm so glad, I thought she'd never crawl.' I find it a little rude since I had to wait until my DS crawled.

All kids are different. You just have to be patient.

My DD is 15 1/2 months and still not walking. She has also never crawled in the traditional manner but motors around the house commando style. I'm also starting to get a little concerned. I took her to see a podiatrist friend of mine - thinking she may have flat feet and balance issues but the advice..... your baby is just really lazy. She gets this from her father of course. She isn't locking her ankles apparently, therefore providing no support or balance.
The podiatrist is getting us to stand her up against a wall. Be within range so that the little one feels comfortable you will catch them if they fall but this allows them to gain confidence and balance without you holding them.
We also have a little push cart that she will walk behind. She's had a few little stacks but on the whole I think her confidence is growing each day. The wall thing is great and I can see in my mind, her taking those first steps towards my arms. Can't wait.
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