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16 month old still not walking! Lock Rss

Hi, does anyone else have a 16 month+ old not walking. My daughter is really not keen on walking, its like she lacks the confidence to do so. I know she will walk when she's ready, but its taking so long!!! Anyone else in the same boat?

lisa, QLD, mummy to daughter Dec 02

Hi Lisa,

Don't worry if your daughter isn't walking yet. My son, Nicholas is 18 months old and he still isn't walking, well not on his own anyway. He will hold onto furniture and walk around it for a few steps then he will flop straight back on his bum and crawl again. As you said they will walk when they are ready.

Karen, Vic, Nicholas 26/10/02

my daughter walked on her first birthday, she saw all the kids at her birthday walking and wanted to play with them. what i used to do for her is always make her walk you know like pick her up hold her hands and just walk around. id start off with both hands and the slowly go to one hand and you'll see that one day when ur not looking they'll walk by themselfs.

im not saying to force them to walk but make it fun for them like let them chace there dad or a toy or something like that. then they'll see that walking is better than crawling.

hope it helps.

Salwa, 2 girls, sydney

I guess it might help to think that bubs will walk eventually, but they all do it in their own time. Maya is teh only one in her daycare that walked before her 1st birthday, some of the other babies were close to 18 mths before they were realy walking unaided

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06


My son started to walk last Friday. He turned 16.5 months old. He would practise in his playpen. We also would hold his hands and make him walk arouund, so he would get used to the idea.

Some other kids at our playgroup only started walking at 17 - 18 months.
Hi all,

My 15mth old Adam isnt walk yet and shows no intent, and he's only been crawling for 2 months. I Spoke to our Chiropractor and he said that its quite normal and not to try and rush him because you could cause more damage than good. As he's muscles or bones just may not be ready or just lacks confidence. Hope it helped

Amy n Adam
I would always wonder when my youngest would walk, but soon realised that they all do it in their own time and it will happen. She started walking at 16 months but we would walk around with her holding her hands and eventually without thinking about it, one day she did it by herself! it helps to know that it's more common for babies to start walking around 16 months plus than we think.

Susan,NZ,3 yr old,1yr old littlies

my son has just started walking at 22 months but he has a delay. At 23.5 months he is still not walking full time and he needs something to pull him-self up on to get to his feet. He also looks for something to walk to so he can stop
well i must say i did feel a sense of relief when i read all your stories. my girl is only just turned 12 months and not walking, which i think is ok... all my friends babys strated at 9 months 10 months, everyone keeps saying "is she walking" ??? and it stresses ya out but what ive put it down to THEY WILL WALK WHEN THEY CAN AND ARE READY !!!!!!every child is different, so be happy and just to think at least shes not getiin into everything yet ha ha ha bye bye

kylie (30) from munno para

Hi there. My 14 month old is still not walking either but I know she will in her own time. I don't think it will be long though before she takes off as she is standing up by herself and walking around the furniture. All babies are different. Chow.
Don't worry, when it happens, you will wish she wasn't walking ... I mean that in a nice "Mummy" way.

She is normal, and she will walk when she is ready.
My daughter haw just turned 18 mths and hasn't even started to pull herself up yet, she'll stand if I stand her up - I've given up worrying!!
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