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16 month old still not walking! Lock Rss

We also have the fisher price hippo that you can walk with that "eats" the peek a boo blocks. It's not as fun as the stride to ride walker as it does not make sound but you can walk with it or sit on it. Thought I would mention as they may differ greatly in cost. We were fortunate to get our stride to ride walkers on the heinz bar code promotion - with twins we had heaps of bar codes. Good luck.

Victoria ~ 3yr old beautiful twin boys

My 16 monther has taken a few steps over the past few wekks. I am not worried as I was a late walker. It is hard though when some of our mothers group babies walked at 10 and 11 months. I have many skirts and other clothes that I want to put her in when she is walking! I know it is easier with her not walking at the moment, even though she is a very fast crawler! Emily is 10kg, so it's not a weight issue. My friend has a 16 monther who started crawling a month ago, she weighs about 13kg.

Amanda,VIC,mum to Emily 4 & Alyssa 20months

don't stress over them matter because my child is 2.5yrs and is only walking now. we knew that each child develops at their own rate and we just let him do what he needed to do and walked when he was ready. we did everything we could to help him and what ever else dided to be done and he walked in his own good time.
Hi all i posted here a while back about my little girl who was 15mths and not walking!! Am Happy to say that she has started and is now just over 17mths!!! She only started with a few steps on monday but by tuesday was off and going!! Shes still getting used to it but will make up for lost time soon i think!!

tayla 16/08/03

I too agree with the fisher price walker - I found it to be a huge factor in my son Nicholas walking unassisted at 9.5 months. We also used to hold his hands and help him walk also, but I think the walker did most of the work. Nicholas started walking very early, but he is now 21 months and not really talking much yet etc, so each child has their own pace and when they are ready they will suprise you!

Jackie, Nicholas 5.5yrs, Annaliese, 4 yrs

hi there,i have the same problem as you.My daughter isnt walking and she is nearly 17 months old.She walks realy well pushing her toy,but she wont walk by herself or even stand by herself.It doesnt worry me as much,but the consern i do have is that im due again in october and it is so hard having to carry her and shes not a light (born as 9 pound 13).well i hope by the time you read this you bubby is walking,good luck.


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