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Eating Fluff Lock Rss

My now 22month old eats fluff.. Has been doing this since she was about 7 months old. She is my mini dyson.. She will see the fluff or pick fluff off a blanket or off the floor and if no one is looking eats it like a child stealing a chocolate and if i see her she says "here you go mum".
Yet when she eats food she picks off the minute piece of herbs..

I am assuming all this comes out but i found the other day she ate a long piece of cotton.. well that only came out half way and i had to pull the rest out..

I dont know if there is a way to stop it?!? Anybody been through this.. My first did not care for anything off the floor..

Suzy, nsw 2 girls

Reminds me of a funny story the CHN told me at one of my parenting classes with DD. She had put her bub down on the floor at a friends house. They were chatting and she turned back to find the baby missing. The little thing had rolled under the couch. She said when they pulled the bub out it was covered in so much dust and stuff it wasn't funny - lol.

I have to say it shows that your little one has exceptional find motor skills to be picking up a piece of cotton and eating it at 7 months.

I forgot to add that as kids my siblings and I ate things like snails, dog poo and dirt. Much worse than some fluff in my opinion. Mum always jokes that it added some roughage to our diet - hee hee.
[Edited on 05/08/2008]

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

My 2yo enjoys chewing on tissues (or other bits of paper). I don't think she normally swallows any of it, but often I ask her what she's eating and she spits a wad of chewed tissue into my hand.
My cousin used to do the same thing, particularly picking the balls of fluff of the blankets and soft toys(my mum was not impressed when she got her up after a nap one day to find "humphrey" now had a bald ear!

She is 10 yrs now, and is fine!!
HI Suzy
I have a 2 1/2 yr old that has had a fetish for fluff since she was a baby. She has a teddy and a fluffy bunny she takes to bed and i find her constantly pulling the fluff out of both with her teeth. We are hoping she will grow out of it, but even telling her that it hurts teddy and rabbi doesn't stop her, just hoping that it doesn't do any internal damage. I think it may be her "comfort thing" she has even tried to sink her teeth into my shoulder once when she was upset. If anybody has any thoughts on how to stop this please let me know. We have tried to take her teddy from her but he's is like her best friend so that didn't go down well. :/
Wow I'm glad I'm not the only 2 1/2 yr old daughter has done it since she was a baby and still sometimes does it. I don't have a answer she had always gotten in trouble for it but would still sneak fluff in! She is a thumb sucker and would roll it up in her hand and go strait in "without me noticing". Lol
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