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15 month old not walking... Lock Rss

I am not here for "She will in her own time" as of course I know this! She walks around furniture and stuff so she's fine I am only wanting to chat to other mums who's bub are late walkers smile

My eldest didn't walk to 15 months so in their own time they do!!!! Easy does it hahaha!

mine too.. she is now 14 months, but as u said, she walks around sofa and stuff, but has no confidence to walk by herself.
not mention my friends kids, all are running here and there, mine still stuck with me. i know she is different and plus healthy. i just hope she can walk sooner by now hehehe..
With DS1 he walked at 15mths, with my DS2 he walked at 18mths, my DD1 walked at 12mths and DD2 walked at 11mths!! go figure!! The worst part was when my DS2 was not walking and I had a newborn aswell (they are 15months apart). I was carrying around two babies for 3 months. That was hard work! Good Luck!!

DS1-7 DS2-5 DD1-4 DD2-2

My daughter is coming up 18 months and is not yet walking. Just last week we went to see the neurodevelopmental specialist to make sure there was nothing wrong. She advised us she has flat feet when she stands up which means her arches are not strong enough to support herself to walk. She gave us a pair of orthotic boots so Im really hoping this is going to help. It is quite hard for me at the moment just seeing her, the shoes are very big and bulky. But therapist reckons in a couple of wees of wearing the boots she will be walking. She also said she is very long in the limbs so thats why she has got the flat feet as well. Today she did take a step IN the boots smile Private message me if you want to chat, I would like that also.

Mum 2 Meghan Elizabeth, born 11/03/07

I to am in this situation, DS is 14 1/2 months, walking around furniture at a great rate of knots.

Hi - My DS is also 15 months and not walking. Again crawling and crusing ok. He has been descibed as "low tone" with flexible joints and being on the larger side (around 12kgs at the mo) all those activities against gravity are difficult for him. He didnt roll until after 12 months and started crawling only about 2 months ago. Because of his late rolling the maternal nurse sent us to a kids physio, so we have been going every 2 months from the start of the year. It is helpful for us to get exercises to help him move and get confidence with cruising. This difficulty I have is that I am starting to get a lot of back problems from all the carrying, and have had to have physio myself. I am really looking forward to DS walking !!
Therapist said to us that she has very long limbs as well, and loose jointed. She was quite an early roller. She cruises well on furniture and walks behind her trolley. Started crawling at 9 1/2 months. I now what you mean about the carying around, i am gertting very tired of it.

Mum 2 Meghan Elizabeth, born 11/03/07

I am still in the phase of "She'll do it in her own time" but at the same time I think "Oh please be walking before this baby comes!!!" I don't want to have to carry both of the bubs! It'd be so hard especially with a 3 year old tearing around bugging me also haha!

I also have a 14 month old who is still not confidant to walk solo. He walks holding onto my finger and has taken a number of steps between furniture, but just won't walk all the time. I think it's a confidence issue. I hope he hurries up, 'cause I am 21 weeks pregnant with twins and he is wearing me out smile


My Ds is 2 days off 15 months and isn't walking either. Im not too worried, he is walking around the furniture.

He didnt start crawling till 12.5 months so I dont expect him to walk till at least 16 months. The only problem is he is getting so heavy and he is hard to carry around!
[Edited on 04/09/2008]

Ohh I know what you mean about the heavy thing! We have a two story and I had my almost 3 year old kicking and screaming today under my arm trying to get her up the stairs and in my other arm was my almost 16 month old because she didn't want to climb the stairs today.... So I was carrying around 23kg plus my 21week old baby bump ARGHHHH KIDS!

Wow Amber - I will no longer complain about carrying my 12kg non-walker knowing what you have to lug around smile
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