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everyone tells me to read to my son to quicken his speech - as he isnt really talking yet apart from baba and mama.

which books are good? how else can i quicken him talking? thanks

Tania and Jaiden


How old is he?

I dont think it really matters what books, my DD is 28 months and we go for ones with only a few lines as she has a short attention span but... any books are good because its the fact they are hearing you speak that does it not the content of the book.

We just talk to our DD non stop, describe things we see, what we are doing, her body parts, the steps to getting dressed... just talk to them all the time and that's how they pick it up.

All kids develop differently though and boys are generally slower to talk than girls.
hi, thanks for the advice...we try to talk as much as we can...sound like parrots most times hehe

he is almost 15 months and is taking good interest in picture books pointing and saying "ba" and looking at me to tell him what it is...i guess thats a good sign

Tania and Jaiden

Hi again

No worries, our DD said very little at 15 months then between 16 & 17 months the words and animal sounds etc came thick and fast... he'll get there.
I mostly just talk to DD all day long but she LOVES books. Her favourites at the moment are The Cat in the Hat, Koala Lou, Spot Can Count, Are You My Mummy? and an Elmo book.
Board books are good for this age. Any board books. Vary them so you don't get bored because if you are bored then you won't read to them as much as you should. Some favourites include Hairy Maclary, Green Sheep, Spot, Dr Seuss, ABC, Mick Inkpen, Maisy etc. GO to your local library. Often they will have baby/toddler and parent reading time sessions at the library. Also, taking your child to kindergym, dance, playgroup and social groups where they can learn skills and socialise is great to help development. Remember that all children learn at different rates and usually they all catch up by the time they go to school.

SA, 2 boys

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