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TEETH Lock Rss

It's better for the teeth if they come in late. It makes them stronger and the adult teeth are better for it as well.

My dd is 15 months and still only has 6 teeth. She didn't cut her first tooth until 8.5months. She has been showing teething signs for a while now but still no more teeth. Mia's tend to look like they are coming through but then go back down.

DS is 21mths and has only 11 teeth, at 15mths had 6 like your DD. I have been assured that when he is 5 he will be like all the other kids and have a full mouth. I look at it this way, he is too busy doing other things to get teeth yet, besides means that they may last longer without any hassles.
My DD didnt cut ANY teeth till she was nearly 14 months (lol we were worried she'd be the only kid to start school and still have none!). she is now 2.5yrs and has all but 2 of her molars. dont stress too much - they will come eventually. if you are worried check with your doctor
My DD only had 2 teeth at around that age... she's now 29 months and has four to go... the big molars that are now just slowly coming through.

Her cousin has all his teeth at 18 months, they all develop differently. I'd rather a late teether, less to clean - cause they just love having their teeth cleaned... NOT!!
my dd is the same as yours mummajo. She cut her 1st tooth at 8.5 months & at 15 months only has 6. She has been showing signs of teething for about a month now but not teeth. I"ve seen them under the skin & then they go away again. Did your dd cut her 6 teeth really fast? Mine did she cut all of them in about 2.5 months & nothing since then.
Hey Emma Maree, i think Mia's came through every 2 months. Hers seem to take forever to come to the surface. So frustrating for her too i can tell they are really bothering her when she shoves anything in her mouth to bite on...i give her the teethers and she just throws them on the ground lol.


My DD is 17months old and she still only has 2 teeth...i know they will just pop up at at once!
My DS is 20 months and has all but his 2 year old molars. He didnt get his first until 12 months. So in 7 months he got 18 teeth. they will come through eventually and as a previous poster wrote 'the later the teeth the better they are'. My DS has beautiful straight teeth atm.
Hi, My daughter got her first tooth at 17 months. Now at 2 she only has 8 teeth! I have asked her pead, and he basically said all in good time.
Dont worry, my DD is nearly 14 Months and her top two have just cut through, that's 4 teeth in total now! Same as Tayla!
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