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When to start childcare? Lock Rss

Hi Guys,
My DD has just turned 16 months and is my first child!
Just curious to know what u guys think/experiences are about putting her into daycare.
I love having her at home but unfortunately all my friends kids are either older or younger and im afraid she's not learning to interact with other kids her age.Altho i do take her to playmaze once a fortnight with my friend and her 4 year old boy.
She's also very clingy with me to the point she even follows me to the loo,LOL!
I dont have any family local and the only other people she has connections with is my DH's parents and their 12 and 14 year old children.
Do you think that putting her in will be good for her or keep her at home with me and just enjoy the time i have with her as i know eventually she'll be going off to preschool etc.
HELP...I dont know what to do???
Hope this all makes sense...
Your thoughts and experiences would be appreciated! grin


Hmmm, that's a tricky one to answer. I think that if i were in your situation I would do one of two things -

1) Join a playgroup or
2) Send her to Childcare 2 days per week (and if you don't have to work, I'd take her in around 9.00am and pick her up around 3 pm) - or whatever time suits.

As for age, I would probably wait until she was at least 2 1/2 or 3. If you were going to send her to one like the one my son goes to, they usually have a 0-2 room ; 2-3 room ; 3-5 room. I think it would be better for her to start in the 2-3 room so she won't have to make that transition from 0-2 room to the 2-3 room(seeing as though she is already 16 months)

My experience is that I had to send my son to day care when he was 14 months (2 days per week - 9 hour days unfortunately). We had to do this because I had to go back to work. He was crawling by that stage. He loves daycare and I think it has been good for him.

Personally though, I would probably wait until she was about 3 before sending her to daycare and in the meantime, look for a mothers, playgroup or church playgroup to attend once per week.

There is no right or wrong answer. Just do what you feel is best for you and your daughter.


[Edited on 05/09/2008]
One more thing I'd thought to add...

At your daughter's age, they play alongside one another and not with each other at the moment. I'm not sure what age they actually play with each other. My DS is 22 months and he has started playing with other children sometimes (but mostly he does his own thing at the moment).
Hi, my son started at daycare 2 days a week when he was 3 months old. Early, i know, but my DH is Army and was going away a few months after that and it was better for me to get use to sending my DS there b4 DH left... I did it so that I could have a day to go crazy cleaning the house and another to do grocery shopping and have a couple of hours to myself to de-stress and relax LOL smile Honestly i think it's been great for him. He loves other kids and is not clingy at all when other people are around, even NEW people, he seems to be more open to change in environments also which is good for when we travel!! The only downside with daycare is they get sick... A LOT... there are always colds going around and some days i just think to myself that i should just keep him at home, then i remember how nice it is to clean and shop in peace. My GP (who we get to see a bit lol) said to me that even though they do get sick more than kids that stay at home, by the time they reach primary/high school they have been exposed to so many germs that they get sick less than the ones that hadnt gone at all as they have become more immune. Anyways, i'm ranting now lol, i think it's a great thing and your DD will love it!

But trust me the first day you leave her there it will break your heart seeing her watch you leave... mine did with my DS especially since they cry!! And i rung every few hours for the few days that he went!! But now it's easier smile

p.s: sorry for the long post!
Hey there,
Our DS went to his first daycare at 10mths.
It was homebased and only for 6hrs once a week.
I decided to send him there as he is a terrible sleeper and I was in need of some time out badly.

He is now 18mths and I have him at a proper daycare two times a week. He loves it and I believe it has been great for him to be around others his age. He's very social and has become quite the confident little man.

It is up to you and whether you think it will be beneficial to your DD. All kids are different.

The downside is as the other post mentioned they pick up bugs more often than those kids who stay at home and yes the first few days are heartbreaking and you miss them terribly.
The up side is they get to learn heaps from trained caregivers.
And you get some time out too which I think is just as important.

Good luck.
Cheers! gasp)
hi there
well I have a 13month old and he started going to day care about 2months ago and he's been learning so many new words and social skills . I just started with 2 days a week and now he does 3 .. But i do work full time so soon he'll be there 4 then 5 days .
There are times I feel bad for not being home with him but unfortunately I don't have a choice .
So I say give it ago and see how it works for you and ask other people what the centre is like or do what I did go there and they give you a tour so you know exactly what happens and what they offer.

Good luck

Perhaps start putting her in just one day a week?

Because I had to return to work my first son went to childcare 2 days a week from just under 6mths old. He is now 21 mths, and goes 3 days a week and LOVES it. Loves the other kids and the carers too.

Mum to Hayden (21mths) and Brodie (10wks)

My son is just over two now (and is currently my only child, but i am expecting number 2). Exactly like your bub, he was clingy, following me to the loo or just screaming out to me if I closed the door. He would only let mummy hold him etc etc. When he was 18 months old decided to take him to a creche that is at our local gym (I live in a small town). It is charged hourly so I thought this would be fantastic, and it was for both of us. I left him there for 1hr at time 2-3 days a week and gradually worked upto 2 or even 3 hrs once a week. He got to "live" without mummy and got to interact with other children. He turned into a totally different child and became alot more social with everyone (going to creche also coinsided with him starting to walk).

My dd started 2 days per week when she was 9 months old. Gradually got her up to 3 days a week (still 3 days now). My reason is i am a single mum and had to go back to work - some people dont realise these sort of things and bag out ppl who use daycare!

My dd loves her new daycare (in a different one that when 1st started) and socialises well with other children etc.

We have the option of Occasional Care here which might be called something different in other states. It is based at one of the local kindys. They look after your children for 2-3 hours per week depending on what session you book. It might be worth investigating what is available in your area. Other ideas include kindergym, playgroup, parent group, play cafes, dance/music classes, church run groups, swimming, creche etc.

SA, 2 boys

hi, My daughter started at ABC at 9mths as i had to go back to work. She no goes 3-4 days a wk and loves it. B4 i put her in she was very clingy to myself or my partner and wouldn't go to anyone else really. She now know when we pull up (she sees the big bear at the front) and pretty much jumps out of her carseat.
She has learnt to share and eat alot better also!!
She learnt to crawl there (as she was a late crawler) by copying the other children.

I recommend it as my bestfriend has a daughter also who is 15mths old and doesn't share nor say ta and she just hits my daughter if she takes something off her or goes near anything of hers.

At ABC they stay in the nursery until 15mths or ready to go to the toddler room, so starting now will not make her feel uncomfortable. They generally do things together btw the both rooms anyway.

Hopefully this helps your decision as I highly recommend it.


mum to Maddison born 29.09.07 - 3 angel babies (1

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