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What age to hold a pencil or crayon? Lock Rss

Hi, does anyone know what age a toddler should be able to hold a pencil or crayon & scribble .. no matter how disastrous?

I was at a mothers group the other day & the ladies seemed to think my 11.5 month old should be able to sit on the chair alone & colour in ???

He's shown no interest in holding the pencil & gets irritated when I try to hold it in his hand. Is this a boy thing that they have no interest in colouring or is he possibly behind in motor skills?
I wouldn't worry too much, my DS wouldn't have a bar of it at that age either! And now coming up on 2 1/2 he loves drawing (even has an easel out on our deck), knows all his colours etc. Did find he preferred markers (make sure you get washable!) as he got going as he got a lot more result for a lot less effort! Still won't finger-paint though - doesn't like messy fingers!
My ds did his first scribble at 7.5months old, I still have it up on the fridge. However hes now two and has a rather short attention span so doesnt draw/scribble that often. He has his huggies art desk set up in the lounge and I encourage him to do drawings most days. Oh and he loooves to paint!!
hi,noah didnt do his first drawing till never really occured to me to try and let him draw at that age.hes 19mths now, and yesterday did his first actual face,i was so excited.maybe just let him watch you draw and he might become interested,hes probably too busy taking in everything else lol

Hi, I am an early childhood teacher and mummy of a 15 month old. I wouldn't be concerned at all if your son doesn't take an interest in drawing or holding a pencil. As a teacher, I would not expect a child to be able to hold a pencil properly when they begin school (although it is really nice when they can!)
When I can get him to sit still long enough, my son likes using textas and painting best. Textas and gel crayons (they are like a lipstick and are FANTASTIC!) are the best as your little one doesn't have to put any pressure to make a mark on the paper unlike pencils. Of course, Declan just wants to take the lids on and off most of the time rather than draw!!

Boys do prefer gross motor to fine motor. so don't worry.

My daughter did her first scribble at 5mths, but it's something I've always encouraged and they always see me writing so want to copy.

easles are easier than sitting at a desk.

Thick crayons/textas are easiest to hold.

When buying penicils or crayons don't go for the cheap ones. Buy the art type ones. Particularly you are looking for ones that will make marks without any pressure being pushed through.

As the weather warms up give him paint either with big brushes (try the hard ware store rather than the little fine paintbrushes) or hand painting ie put the pain out on paper plates and let him use his whole hand. I let my kids paint in a nappy only (ie no clothes) from the time they could walk. I then filled up a bucket with soapy water to let them wash the mess of themselves outside on the lawn where they painted before giving them a bath. It's very messy but lots of fun and great tactile learning for them.

Dont expect him to pain or draw 'something' its just experimenting with colour and movement and texture.

To make it more interesting you could borrow art books from the library and let him look at the pictures. There are great ones out there. Look in the actual non-fiction art section rather than baby books. Also theres a picture book called "Lukes way of ..." I think it was 'looking' it's about a little boy who likes a different form of art to his teacher. Has lovely abstract pictures.

Oh and rather than try to force him to hold the pencil/crayon, grab a sheet of paper for yourself and do your own drawing so he can copy you. My kids love it when I draw as well (and I can't draw anything!)
[Edited on 11/09/2008]
I Feel Just awful!
My DS is 12mths and althou has held a pen in his hand we have not yet encouage drawing niether has anyone in my mothers group or friends with babies> But i will now go home and try.

I wouldn’t worry I think mothers groups tend to be a bit competitive at times with first babies.

My son is 16 months and he has only now started to copy the other children at playgroup and draw, before that he would just eat the crayons and the paper and through them on the floor.

When we draw at home with his sister 2.5yo he still rip’s up the paper etc it is probably more fun than drawing.

my DD did her first drawing at 13mths and i didn't think to try her with drawing til we went out for dinner and they gave us some pencils for her. now all she wants to do is draw.

we have textas but i dont like her using them as they are special ones. however i plan to buy her some of her own.

so i would worry at all every little one picks it up in their own time!

Firstly, all children develop at different rates so don't let another mum tell you what your child "should" be doing. They all catch up eventually. Secondly, there is no way a baby can sit at a desk unaided and draw! And no way we should be trying to make them do something they are not developmentally ready for.

SA, 2 boys

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