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July 07 Toddlers Lock Rss

Hi all the gang from july bubs well out boys and girls are toddlers now so thought I'd start a fresh post.. to brag about what our kiddies are up to ..

So I'll start - Angus Glenn is 14months now and walking / running . Has heaps of teeth about 10 now eats like a horse not fussy. Sleeps from 7-5.30-6 now unreal and only has 1 day nap anywhere between 1-3hrs. Words well we have no , oh no , dad, mum ,ta ,aggie meant to be (maggie), ooff meant to be (whoof)
recent a big 1st drinking from a cup no lid on to propper cup.
Weighing about 12-13kg mark
height have no idea oops havent measured him for ages
oh we're clapping and dancing playing pick a boo and love reading books .

so love to hear some brag stories about you little toddlers now.

[Edited on 24/09/2008]

Hi girls,

Ive been reading everyones posts but never really have anything to talk about myself.

So a bit about Sheeky boy - words he can say are no, dad, mum,nan,get, baa (like a sheep).

He loves dancing and watching the wiggles, he sleeps from 8.00-7.00 so thats great he has a nap during the day for about 3.5 - 4 hours he loves sleeping like his mummy. I havent weighed or measured him since he was about 6 months cause i stopped taking him to the child health nurse im guessing he is about 13kgs.

He is really cheeking always getting into everything, he also really loves being outside and playing with his sister if i try and bring him in he SCREAMS bloody murder its pretty funny though.

Well thats enough from me



Hey Caden was born on the 5th July 07.
He is still in crawling mode and has just started pulling himself up on furniature into a standing position, only has 8teeth (top 4 and bottom middle 4) He sleeps from about 7-12.30 then is usually awake from 10-30mins. Then will sleep again till about 6.30 so all up usually 11 ish hours aout of him. He doesn't really have a regular nap but will sleep if he gets too tired.

Loves food will eat anything, esspecially fruit. Feeds himself with hands but doesn,t seem to realise that spoons are not for rubbing into his hair smile

He weighs 13.5 kilo and is 98cm tall.
OMG, Lozwatts, how are you??? Where have you been?? lol

Hi everyone, how are we all?

Im good, Mias great, and Koby is getting better... still very refluxy and is on zantac but hoping to get him on losec as zantac isnt doing very much.. so off to gp again on wed! I cant belive he is 5wks old! it has gone so quick.

Update on the miss, shes walking abit now, but still falls on her butt and so will crawl the rest of the way, she has 2 teeth (bottom) and i think shes getting some more as she has been a bit grisly lately. She says mum, dad, ta, baby, loves clapping, dancing and reading stories and watching tv!! Eats anything and everything in sight (just like her mummy) and is sleeping from 7.30pm til 6am every night with a 2 hr sleep in the middle of the day some times a morning sleep too smile

HOpe everyone is well, talk soonx

Hey Girls,

Well up date on Cohen he is 15 months old next week has 8 teeth 4 bottom 4 top and i know there are a whole heap on the move in his mouth. He is sleeping from 6:30-7pm till 8-8:30am
EATS LIKE A PIG i swear he doesent stop all day. he weighs approx 13kg and about 82cm long (tried to measure him but have u ever tried to measure a 15 month old that wont stop moving).
He says mum mummy ma dad dadda daddy nan nanna ted teddy yeah a a ahh hey i think thats all :S and sleeps 1 sleep during the day anywhere from 3-4hours

Also we are ttc in a couple of weeks i cant wait to be pregnnat again and have another little bubby.

Hope you all are well,


double post sorry
[Edited on 29/09/2008]

Hey everyone,
Mish- Iam in the TTC October thread in planning for pregnancy as we are TTC Cadens little bro or sis at the moment.

How do you cope having two babies? It sounds hard i am freaking out a little bit and caden will be at least two.
Hi everyone,

Sorry I disappeared for a while. Now going well.

Harrison is 12kg now and is keeping me on my toes! He walked at 9.5 months and is now very hard to catch. He thinks he is as big as his sister Izzy (now 2.5 years old). He throws great tantrums, the dirtier he is the happier he is, he doesn't stop. His last pair of shoes lasted 7 weeks and I seem to be buying him new clothes every couple of weeks. He sleeps from 7-7 generally with 1 day sleep from 12 to 2/3pm.

Hi Iozwatts, just take every day as it comes. I find being very organised helps. I keep the car boot packed with pram, slings, nappy wallets, (spare nappies and change of clothes which I leave in car). In the car they both have a blanket and their favourite snugly. Then all that is left for me to do is pack some food. I take less now than I did Izzy!

Considering double pram as Harrison is getting bigger and Izzy says "I want pram Mummy".

Mum to Isobelle & Harrison

Hi!! My name is Lisa and Ella was born on the 17th July... She is a little cheeky monkey (you can tell by the smile)

She has like 14 teeth with the 15th and 16th coming through... They just come one after the other!!

She is getting faster on her feet... The other day I was thinking about the time when she couldn't move and you could put her somewhere and she would have to stay there!! Seems so long ago now!!

Goes crazy for felts and pens... We have beautiful artwork all over the house (we have bought her washable markers now)

She hasn't bothered to say mum or dad yet... Ta is by far the favourite. Also says car when she sees the car... And has started saying shoe when getting her shoes put on.

She loves animals and old people... She cracks up laughing at old people in the supermarket, it's funny!!

hi everyone

Kiah was born 5th july.
Kiah has been waking sice she was10.5 months so she is now running. Has 12 teeth and more coming. eats like a pig seems like the is always st the cupboard telling me more. kiah is sleeping for 10-11 hours of a night with a sleep durin the day anything from 45mins to 4 hours! she weighs 13kg and is 81cm tall.
Kiah is talking lots! favourites are mum, pop, nan dad(only when in trouble as she hardly sees her father but likes to sing out for his help lol) dus(for dusty the cat)hop up, dont touch, no, yes, more, thank you(sound like shanks shoe)
can make bout 12 animal noises.
she loves the wiggles singing and dancing, just starting to clap when i sing "if your hppy and you know it clap your hands can twinkle fingers when we sing twinkle twinkle little star.
i hve just realise that i stand with m handon my hips and do somethng with my eyes whe growling at her cos she has start to copy. she is very cute and cheeky. could go on all day bout her

kiah tarni 05/07/07

Hi all
i guess i better and my man

Wyatt Mark
D.O.B 18th July 2007

Wyatt walked at 11 months, not surprising he crawled at 6 months.
He'd be about 12-13kg, height about 80 cm and foot size 7!!!
Still only 8 teeth, 4 top and 4 bottom, he didnt get first until 8 months old.
goes to bed at 8.30pm and gets up any where around 9am, 1 arvo nap.
Wont eat chicken unless it is completely mashed up,we clap, spin in circles (if i say turn around turn around), climbs on everything. stamps feet. does twinkle twinkle with hands above heads, blow kisses, waves.(most of this is thanks to kindergym we go to once a week) oh and likes to bite!!!!
he says mum, dad, pop, car, nan, nenen(brendon-uncle), inair (in there), dat(whats that), if u say where is the light, he looks up, and he says cok (clock).
My mum as u can tell spends alot of time with him and she is teaching him the word chocolate. OH NO!!
Our babies are not babies anymore sad

Hi Everyone!!!

It's been a very long time since I ventured onto the site... naughty I know!

Well life's been busy as I'm studying and working casually at the vets now. great fun though.

Erin was born July 31st 07. She is about 12kgs and just over 80cm (i know the feeling of measuring an ever moving child) She has been walking for 4 months now so its more like running now. She loves to climb too. She pulls the chairs out to climb onto the dinning table... mainly to get to the fruit bowl... I've moved it now. Moves then climbs on toys and chairs to reach the telly, computer etc.... great fun!

Erin sleeps from 7/7:30 till 6am every night. Very rarely she wakes. She then either has 1 or 2 sleeps depending on what time I put her down for the first one. I think she is trying to cut it down though because the last week or so have been only about 1/2 the usual time.

She isn't saying alot really... Mum and Dad, shoes, poppy (meant to be puppy) and not much else. She loves her music (i've been taking her to Kindermusik.... its not bad but very expensive) She sings and dances to nearly everything! she usually gets the tunes correct too. Maybe a singer in the making.

Anyway, Enough of that... Otherwise we're all doing well. Liam is doing fine at school and all his numerous sports and Siobhan is LOVING kindy!! I can't wait till she's in PP coz thats everyday. YAH... We have just signed the contract for the loan to build our house in Perth. all very exciting and I can't wait. We'll stay up here till its all finished then Gary will do FIFO for 12 months or so.

Well, thats me done. I'm going to wish everyone a Fantastic Xmas and new years now... because knowing me... I won't be on again before then... hehehehe

Take care.

Andrae,WA - Liam, Siobhan and Erin

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