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My 21/2 yo constanly screams at me and everyone when she doesnt get her own way she will scream in our face or yell at us and whines all the time.

she even screams at us when we talk to her nicely or just having a conversation with her.

please how do you dissapline for screaming and yelling while not trying to yell over her and make her scream louder?
[Edited on 30/09/2008]

I think she needs to learn asap that screaming will not get her anywhere, my DD briefly went through this at alot earlier age and still occasionally goes straight to whining instead of simply asking for something. What we did and what we do now if that happens is to say to her you dont have to scream, just ask nicely. With your DD I'd try this but add in that she will not get anything by screaming except for being put in time out till she calms down and speaks to you nicely.

You have to keep reminding her to speak nicely, no screaming or yelling.

There is a possibility MAYBE that her hearing is affected so that is why she's yelling and screaming.... maybe a trip to the GP to have her tested / get her ears checked, if she's had alot of ear infections then maybe her hearing has been affected.
thanks for that,

oh i think her hearing is fine i think she screams out of anger and frustration she has not yet had a ear infection (lucky)

i know she can hear me because she gives me the look, and show she can hear me but ignores me then starts screaming if i stop talking to her.
aha! cheeky bugger then (I've got one of those myself LOL)... well put the foot down, both even smile
omg, i thought i was the only one!! my daughter she is 2 1/2 as well, she screams and yells at me all day too. When she wants someting she gets in my face an yells at me. i hate it, i would love to not have a headache everyday lol!! i have tried to ask her to talk softer and nicer towards me or she will be going to her room, that doesnt work she just makes a massive mess or storms off and slams her door. i have also tried to ignore her, she just hits me until i give her attention. i think i am out of ideas. nothing seems to work, i am just hoping it will past.
good luck

Kayla Elizabeth (10/1/06) Mummy''''s Angel

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