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ok my son is Lock Rss

is 18 mths, just gone! and he says a a few words.. how many wasur child saying at 18 mths?

hi, my son is 19months (just). he comes out with some very strange 'words' such as papadum, abi abi dubi do along with the usual mummy, dad, nana, papa, bickie, banana and car. he has quite the variety!!!


Hi there,

DD is also 18 months just gone and says approximately 70 words and counting.

Having said this, every child develops at a different rate and I've read that boys develop a little later than girls do by around 2 months.

If you find that your child is still barely saying anything and not really babbling either by around 2 years then maybe you should take your DS a speech pathologist?

Do you read to your son on a daily basis? We found that since we started reading to DD, which we incorporate into her bedtime routine, her vocabulary exploded.

Even if you use real life pictures of food/animals/body parts etc and just point and say what the item is will make all the difference. (I say real life pictures because its easier to associate and identify with real items than cartoon pictures).

Get him to watch your mouth when you pronounce words even.

Give it a bit of time and he just might surprise you - even if you think he's not paying any attention.

Good luck!
Usually between 18-24 months their language develops at leaps and bounds. Don't be at all concerned if your little man isn't saying a lot, it isn't a sign of intelligence by any means. Your little one will be taking it all in, and when he decides to chat - will come out with so many in a short period of time it will blow you away.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

i say he has just gone 18 mths, and that is today lol he knows where his nose mouth eyes and ears are and will point to them when u ask, well when he feels like it lol.. he says mum dad nana yes will shake his head no, umm and it sounds like he says other words but im not sure if they are what he is saying!

I can't exactly remember but I know my son didn't say a lot, I think 20 words at 18 months and really picked up at 2 years old

Jo, SA, Dylan born Dec 05

my lil one is 21months, says what he needs to say, don't count the words but if i did would be a few up there i guess:)
I understand him which is the main thing. he even has a few sentences strung together, like mummy, or whoever he is speaking to, "... where are you?" '.. wake up" ".. come on".
I try reading to him, but doesn't sit still, so i'm sure he listens in when i'm reading to his older brother. Alot of his words are influenced by his older brother, like spiderman, batman, superman, ok and he watches maybe too much tv, says all the tv shows, but hey what else do you do to keep them occupied between while doing hose work:P guess he's learning words there too, so can't be that bad:)

anyway enough blabbering


Mummy to William-5/04/05 and Harrison-9/02/07

Hi, My son has just turned 19mths and he doesn't say alot of words, but he does other things like point and grab my hand and take me to what he wants. So i'm not really that worried, he will talk when hes ready to. I'm sure your lil boy is the same.

Corey Chace 02/04/07 & Savannah Shayde 17/09/09

My eldest son will be 23 months old soon and doesn't say a lot. He understands everything I ask of him which still surprises me considering he can't respond verbally. He says dad, mum and the rest is open for interpretation. I've tried reading but he tears and eats books and we get him to look at our faces when we speak to him. My 9 month old son, who's a big babbler, sounds like he will probably speak about the same time as my oldest son does! It's a bit stressful at times wondering if he's developing ok but doctors, clinic etc don't seem to too concerned so...

Rhonda mum to Tommy 23 months and Johnathon 9 mont

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