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My son calls himself Boy rather than his name. Lock Rss

My son is 3 in Dec.When he is referring to himself he calls himself "boy". I.E. "Boy turn", "Boy do it". It has been going on for about a year now since he could talk.

I am not overly concerned about it - I know he will catch on one day -but in saying that I do probably try twice a day to get him to say his name. EG I try and get him to say "I'm a boy my name is Dylan" The rest of the time I ignore it.

On Sunday my husband heard me doing this and talked over me saying "no, I'm a boy my name is boy" and he has always done similar things to encourage him to continue using boy in place of his name. I was quite cross with him Sunday and then last night he did it again. Dylan saw a photo of himself and said, look mummy boy and I said, that is you in there Dylan, your Dylan. My husband again talked over me and said "Yeah Boy photo"

What do you girls think? I am really frustrated, I tried talking to my husband but he thinks I am over-reacting. All I want is my husband to stop encouraging him to use Boy has his name and slightly encourage him to use his real name. My husband sees it as a big joke and says who cares - he wants to be called boy, call him boy. Am I over-reacting?

Oh gosh the weird and wonderful problems we face!
[Edited on 14/10/2008]

Jo, SA, Dylan born Dec 05

That would annoy me too, they are so capable of learning so why not teach them. Sounds like your husband finds it amusing to hear him say boy and to annoy you - which I'm sorry if it offends but I find very immature.

Does he want his son made fun of because he cannot say his own name... especially given his age and that he'll be playing with other children more and more now? Maybe you could put it to him that way and also that both parents should be on the same page for the childs benefit, not undermining each other.

Hope you can get him to see sense. Good luck!
My daughter was the same until earlier this year and she turned 4 last month. I just didn't let it bother me too much because like everything else she pciked this up in her own time and daycare helps as well when all the other children are calling her by name.

But I agree with the above comment and my partner does silly things like that to annoy me - it's called boy germs.
[Edited on 14/10/2008]
I think your hubby needs a kick in the pants!! LOL Men are so juvenile sometimes!!

boys, boys, boys

Thanks ladies, I had a good old fashioned chat to my husband and he has "seen the light" and stopped doing it.

Jo, SA, Dylan born Dec 05

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